US Marines in Epic Firefight in the Mountains ! Military Simulator Game on PC Arma 3 -

US Marines in Epic Firefight in the Mountains ! Military Simulator Game on PC Arma 3

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Awesome realistic military simulator game on pc about modern war ! us soldiers in heavy combat in Arma 3


  1. මෙක පොන් එකක ප්ලෙ කරහැකිද

  2. My grandpa will love this game so much love the vids by the way keep it up!

  3. i really wanna play this game with ps4. I dont have pc. is it possible to play it on ps4?

  4. I thought it was real… I thought the thumbnail was just a crappy picture quality lol

  5. Eu pensei que essa porra era pra android 😡

  6. Yg maen bego njink, uinstall aja , g ada bakat lu

  7. Does this game work on Playstation 4?

  8. Didn’t knew tanks could walk on water in real life

  9. Lmao my dad plays this 24/7 at night when everyone is sleeping

  10. Vc não é br não? Eu vim no seu canal pq vc falou em um mod de mapas lá na play story

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  12. هل يوجد عربي ههههههه

  13. Arab soldiers are afraid of powerful missiles

  14. When does the shooting take place🤔🤔😏

    Game looks amazing btw😎😎😎

  15. So this is the diferrence bewten navy and marine uh. Im making a rlly long fanfiction about a marine and i didint know how to make the fight scenes . So thanks!

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