US Marines in Epic Firefight in the Mountains ! Military Simulator Game on PC Arma 3 -

US Marines in Epic Firefight in the Mountains ! Military Simulator Game on PC Arma 3

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Awesome realistic military simulator game on pc about modern war ! us soldiers in heavy combat in Arma 3


  1. Prem Trading Company Frozen Seafood Trader says:

    WORLD WAR ll

  2. Wtf everyone saying it’s army not marines chill tf out then don’t watch it dumbass

  3. I could see y he thought marines.. It's a beach landing

  4. Mano como e que vc posta uma merda dessa vc não sai do canto perdi meu tempo vendo esse porra

  5. Ive never disliked a video unless I really had to

  6. bruh these dumb armies saying it isnt marine its army u know what i dont give a f

  7. Si no usan armas antitanques… por que no atacan adentro de los tanques? jajajaja

  8. حسوني العراقي الشمري says:


  9. He said marines it okay. if it marines or army

  10. جّـآعورة آلَـمًـسِـعـودٍي says:

    هوه انتم الفيل طيرتو بقت عله الدبابه ماتمشونهه بلماي 2:00

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  12. गेम का क्या नाम है

  13. What is the name of the game? And for what platform can it be provided?

  14. It takes 1 year to approach in land but still i watching

  15. Sorry my beautiful country 😐😓😥❤❤🇦🇫

  16. 219…rs, recharge, फॉर 28 days, not playing video, bhangar idea


    its an lav-25 traveling in the water at a whole 5 miles an hour

  18. I have a beautiful mission I created painstakingly by watching many many YouTube tutorials that I unfortunately last about ten seconds into the firefight. I pop out to glass the area then snap snap pop pop….you died.

  19. How realistic is this game can someone tell me that has served in the army and had to go to war

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