US, Philippines kick off war games across Luzon -

US, Philippines kick off war games across Luzon

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The United States and the Philippines have launched their largest-ever war games. It is a signal of deepening defence ties as fresh tensions surface in the South China Sea. Around 9,000 Philippine and American soldiers will participate in 12 days of joint drills across Luzon island.

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  1. Philippines are good for lab rat South east Asia geopolitical is changing If India China & Russia together economy will be strong If China & India comes to mutual border issues agreement . The question Is it potential?

  2. They don't even dare to kick China out of the occupied islands, even after China build it's military base, so it's just games of war

  3. Philippines has always been loyal to its colonial master 😂

  4. PH politicians are incompetents aside from being thieves, other nationalities would do a better job

  5. Phillipines is d highest record n gdp n asia, and most improved n infrastructures…

  6. The Philippines is treaty ally of the US. China 🇨🇳 wouldn't want to mess with the Filipinos.

  7. The Philippines is a vassal state of Pax Americana. And will be a target for multiple nuclear warheads ICBM attack in the event of a fullscale war.

  8. Don't the US had nothings to promote war game everywhere they go. Why don't US promote well being and development ,where they go. War games don't fed the poor and hungry.

  9. Your biggest customer is China and not USA. If China stops buying from Philippines do you think the farmers would be happy. Don’t bite the hands that feeds you. What has US done for Philippines except carpet bomb the hell out of Manila killing innocent civilians.

  10. The South China Sea was peaceful until this war game, was it not?

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