US 'preparing for World War III' with global war games (Full show) -

US ‘preparing for World War III’ with global war games (Full show)

RT America
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US naval and marine exercises across 17 time zones and especially those staged in the near abroad of Russia and China are being widely condemned as acts of provocation. Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof weighs in. He blames the vestigial Cold War mentality reigning in the aging US leadership for Washington’s geopolitical posturing and says the Pentagon seems bent on intimidating the world with its military superiority simply “because we can.” (08:51)

But first, RT America’s Trinity Chavez reports on the worrying number of birds that have died in droves across numerous states and for still-mysterious reasons. Then attorney Madeline Pendley discusses the connection between these deaths and the horrifyingly destructive “forever chemicals” upon which modern manufacturing depends and the threat they pose to the environment. (02:41)

Plus, RT America’s Sayeh Tavangar updates us on the shooting near the Pentagon near Washington, DC. (15:03)

Attorneys Rory Reilly Topping and Reese Everson join to discuss mounting calls for the resignation of Gov. Andrew Cuomo as details about his harassment of the terrified “unintentional sex workers” at his office come to light, including calls from President Biden, and the wider, enduring problem of powerful men abusing their authority and mistreating colleagues in pursuit of sexual gratification. (18:49)

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  1. We're in the middle of World War 3. This is it! This IS WWIII

  2. Nobody likes war but the way America is Acting to others countries around wold it is possibility ww3 !!!!

  3. Some say C-19 came from a bat… so could it be spread back into the wild?

  4. It’s always been about money and wealth… from industrialisation ( the reason for the climate change ) colonisation, to exact resources and subjugate people( slavery) out of which extreme profits could be made; wars ( not about humanity or human rights but about suppression, power and ultimately amassing wealth. I hope this world soon comes face to face with a power unimaginable that would make each one realise what is going on is petty in the face of preservation of this earth with all its elements, and empathy and humanity.

  5. 12:15
    Neo-cons and Libs regard Russian resources as their own – and not Russia’s.

  6. Everyone here anti-US. Well guess what Einsteins, the US is controlled by China. China is the devil. The US just had a lot of their puppets in positions of power

  7. All the nations that do cloud seeding (many) are causing this.

  8. corporations cause the problem and the politicians make sure taxpayers pick up the bill for clean up.

  9. USA terrorist NR 1 by far together with UK

  10. America loves war one day y'all going to lose.

  11. DuPont should pay to clean that up ….or at least pay to find a way.

  12. I'd like the women's rights activists to raise a storm about the women in Afghanistan and other parts of the world who are not only being harassed but actually raped and murdered.

  13. And they know all this but yet these companies and families like the Dupoints and others but yet people want to believe in government and government agencies that produces all these shit won't be charged for murder or genocide on the people and nature. Wake tf up and stop with diving . A house or nation divided will fall

  14. Who in the government is responsible for the regulation inforcement. Names and faces. Without names and faces there's no crime. Bring back the firing squads!

  15. RT = Russian Propaganda. It's not quite so impressive that Russia can find those in its ranks who speak English fluently to spin the comment section.

  16. I would think that by this time countries should have learned it's more profitable to lose a war .

  17. The chemical industry would prefer to blame the general population for climate change than their own pollution

  18. Can you say "Communist Propaganda"?

  19. God Bless America land that I love. Stand beside her and guide her .

  20. Get yourself some footpads – draw out the poisons

  21. So they gonna allow China to amass Arsenal of nuclear weapons take over the South China Sea for strategic positions and then try to do something about it at the end 😂 ever heard of the phrase too little too late, sell outs!!!!

  22. So is Russia and China getting ready for WW3; who can forget the environmental disaster of China and Russian 5 year plans.

  23. Communist China started a war on the world with COVID 19 !!!!!

  24. US & China gov's are not enemies. Their "enemies" are their own citizens.

  25. IT's high time for WW3, human don't deserve to continue!

  26. You Russians are doing it. Arent you? I am calling Rachel

  27. Entrails planes fly over all the time spilling out every where

  28. O so that's why china an Russia are teaming up

  29. I ❤Russia and China both countries are is winners 🇷🇺❤🇨🇳🤗

  30. Americans know they are going to loose the war and it's going to be the end of western civilization but yet they want to go into it cause the state of Israel want them to 😀 America work for the Israel Period !

  31. I feel like the media has been playing with matches in the forest like a child… media you will be spanked for misbehavior eventually

  32. Go ahead, have WW3… What could go wrong?
    This is another end of time prediction, which has to happen

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