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Red Rising MOD gameplay. The mod is for Men of War Assault Squad 2. To watch more gameplay videos with Red Rising Modification 3.3 BETA check out this playlist:
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Red Rising Modification was originally just a compilation of several modern warfare mods, but since we started working on this project back on October 2014 we radically changed the gameplay by adding a lot of graphical and technical contents made by our team such as new kind of gameplay, new skins and models for our many factions.

– Over one hundred units from the modern age is available to play !
– A lot of modern themed maps!
– Tons of modern weapons and equipment!
– Over 50 playable factions in the editor and over 20 factions playable in multiplayer!

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  1. Good thing they don't run out of ammo 🤣

  2. Just nitpicking here. It is just a game.

    Shouldn't the guys in the front be on the ground and the guys in the back in a semi prone position with tank machine gunners behind them or stationed outside the compound?

    Zombies can't penetrate the tanks.

  3. it should be 1 million z's in battalions not 1 or 2 per time.

  4. TERRIBLE tactics, everything from soldiers to tanks should have been not leave soldiers outside..use snipers, tanks at corners, close the entrance, vehicles supporting soldiers all around the base..trenches at least 10 feet wide and 8 feet deep..and did your soldiers blow themselves up at the fences??????

  5. When a tank shell or a grenade go off it rain body part

  6. Why are the troops staying in formation. Not a realistic use of men and tactics.

  7. Total BS! Whomever is the base commander would be quickly removed for setting up some crap like this!

  8. Why are the troops crawling to the tanks? Can't they just walk to them?
    Why does the front entrance have a cheap post and not an actual gate?
    Why are there no gunners on the towers?
    Why didn't they have the heavy guns in the tanks and APCs manned from the start?
    Why are the zombies going to the front entrance? They're zombies, they don't care about barb wire or chain link fences, they should be swarming from all sides.

  9. Title: –(4K Gameplay)
    Me setting it to 360p: No, actually.

  10. Umm you should have put the troops in the towers and had the tanks patrol around the base. You have no f@@@ing tactical brain power.

  11. Озвучка зомби из игры сталкер?

  12. Лучшип мадефецированные т 90 поставил

  13. Zombies always wins since defenders will run out of ammo.

  14. Soldiers were zombies themselves, tanks were running them over but they never died.

    The ones outside were all killed in the crossfire, not because of the zombies attacking. ✌🏼

  15. То есть никого не смутило что на американской базе Бензовоз на базе ГАЗа, и автокран на базе КАМАЗа

  16. Weird that none of the soldiers went to the towers lol. That's where I'd be firing from

  17. i wish i could download MOWAS 2 but im poor asf

  18. Judging by the amount of guns and corpses, this looks like a typical Tuesday in a Texas elementary school.

  19. Absolutelyy bullshit….the zombiesCAN HANG UP ON THE FENCES

  20. শতরূপা প্রকৃতি says:

    military base with no gate???

  21. I think the zombies were better organised ! Should have used them in Afghanistan

  22. Do any one know any relevant game for android

  23. USA military so strong, they still alive after a tank run over them

  24. OMG, EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– i got resources from 💜 VUGY.BAR/XGISYW 💜

  25. The M1 Abrams can drive 275 miles on a load of fuel. The tanks should have rolled our and done circles around the base in staggered formation, running over anything outside. They would barely have to fire any weapons. They are also sealed for CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) attack, so there is no way a zombie could even harm them. Not to mention the MRAPs can run over and shoot with their turrets. Put the squads of men up by the wall. Stupid "scenario".

  26. Someone will have to tell me how it ends, I only got as far as the tank explination.

  27. Any reason they did not put some blocking by the gate.

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