Very Beautiful Mission in Vietnam Jungle ! Call of Duty Black Ops FPS Game on PC -

Very Beautiful Mission in Vietnam Jungle ! Call of Duty Black Ops FPS Game on PC

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Cool stealth mission in vietnam jungle in online fps game Call of Duty Black Ops 1


  1. Oh it's on pc???? Why is your reaction so slow with the mouse. I meat no disrespect though.

  2. May be America want to recovery their loss by dreem

  3. I love & like war
    Bcoz m from india and in this my country many more corrupted POLITICAL PERSON

  4. حلوووووووو استمر

  5. Finally IGI is well satisfied game fr me ….

  6. I'm glad a hand gun takes out 2 men but AK x2 doesn't do much to him 🥷🥷🥷🥷🥷🥷

  7. Wt a thumbnail bro I like it 🔥 really appreciate

  8. Wait that intro is from dice? Aym right

  9. I'm Watching 2021. Raise His Hands Who Watch In 2021

  10. Call of dity black ops or call of duty modern warfare🤔

  11. سيئ ،،، النصر لفيتنام

  12. Có ai dịch hộ bọn nước ngoài bình luận gì ko ạ

  13. the person who recorded this gameplay is a noob

  14. Bullshit.. More americans died in Vietnam War than Vietnamese

  15. This is a message to everyone that we should never use God name for style or unnecessarily by saying oh my god, jesus!, goddam or OMG because God name should not be use for style or unnecessarily no sin is big or small all sins are equal in Jesus eyes if you guys felt important please share the message ☝️ as much as you can and as soon as possible 🙂 thank you

  16. I complete all the mission more than 10 times when this game released . But I stop playing this game Since in 2015 or before , this is very interested game like IGI 1

  17. I know that sound like poor but oneday you remember my shit which I already said.
    Long live America

  18. nice game. i love enjoying sences in Viet Nam War

  19. Anyhow Vietnam won the war so fuck usa 🇺🇸

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