Vietcong Rice field Ambush - Vietnam Gameplay - Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War -

Vietcong Rice field Ambush – Vietnam Gameplay – Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

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The 2nd vietnam mission in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War


  1. a fucking liar game, Vietnamese soldiers don't run around like this, they always hide themselves in the trees and American soldiers will never know how they died.

  2. i will never play a game like this because i am vietnamese and playing this game is very annoying

  3. I ignored this COD version. Because I cannot take the gun to shoot my Vietnamese people.

  4. ah yes a 20 rounder with 30 rounds magically inserted in it

  5. Vietnam war game 7754

    Vietnam war game project 300475

    made by Vietnamese people

  6. man imagine that classic Vietcong game with this this kind of graphic, i'd buy it in a heartbeat

  7. Soviet union freedom don’t not killed Soviet Union

  8. I met with some Black ops on going through Vietnam trying to get to some Buddhist temple where the final door is this ain't no fun man I need the best team in the world just to get to that Temple the temple is not too far

  9. Let's pull back there's too many for taking on too big of a force pull back go back retreat

  10. as a vietnamese, i find this game as trashy as the way the americans lost to the vietnamese!

  11. Когда уже появится шутер как дарк соулс, реалистичный. Ранили – умираешь.

  12. acording to history there no such thing called Soviet Secret Bunker and CoD made it up and it just a game so i dont care :v

  13. I forgot i even bought this game might play it now

  14. How the hell that M16 magazine have over 30 amunition??,during Vietnam war that M16 magazine only have 10 amuniton

  15. Сделайте кто-нибудь уже игру, что-бы там были плохие злобные американцы и их там можно было бы со смаком расстреливать.

  16. I am Vietnamese ,

    We are not like in the game you play.

    Be careful if you want to confront our country in real life

  17. My Grandpa was going to Vietnam in 1970s but did not.

  18. So American if you can't win a war you can make a game or a movie to do that wow

  19. là 1 người VN, tôi thấy quá nhiều sự bất công trong tựa game này. Bộ đội VN trông như những thằng khờ. Lính Mỹ thì trông như thần thánh. Tôi nghĩ người làm ra trò chơi này chưa từng tham gia chiến tranh VN

  20. Game ngớ ngẩn và thiếu thực tế một cách buồn nhưng mà phải cười nó ngượng ngùng lắm😏

  21. Where was the part where they were bombing civilians by napalm bomb……

  22. HAHAHAHA try to fight hard LOL , BUt VIETNAM STIL WIN 😏

  23. i could just imagine one of the vc saying "welcome to the rice fields motherfucker"

  24. It's 1968 and the VC already got their hands on AK74u? didn't know the VC had a time machine no wonder the Americans couldn't defeat them

  25. this game is not true to our Vietnamese history but I don't mean to smear this game, but the game maker smears our Vietnamese history and made up history that is not legitimate at all and thanks for reading the Comment this and wish your channel more success 👍

  26. why u guys like to kill comminist people

  27. why u guys like to kill communist people hah?

  28. vietcong : welcome to ricefields motherfuck3r

  29. Quân mẽo ko dựa vào phi pháo và không quân thì đánh giáp la cà thì quân giải phóng không làm gỏi lính mẽo mới lạ. Minh chứng là dù quân khơ me đỏ có dùng du kích đánh với Việt cộng thì sau 10 năm chúng cũng không còn 1 mống dù gây thiệt hại cho phía Việt cộng không nhỏ. Nếu đánh la cà và du kích thì việt cộng số 2 thế giới thì thằng đứng số 1 phải xem lại mình.

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