Vietnam 1968 | Da Nang Firebase | Black Ops Cold War | Realism | Call Of Duty | RTX 3090 | 4K Ultra -

Vietnam 1968 | Da Nang Firebase | Black Ops Cold War | Realism | Call Of Duty | RTX 3090 | 4K Ultra

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Vietnam 1968 | Da Nang Firebase | Black Ops Cold War | Realism | Call Of Duty | RTX 3090 | 4K Ultra

In 1968, the CIA orders Russell Adler’s SOG team to secure a valuable asset hidden in a Da Nang firebase.

All footage is captured at 4K Ultra on an Intel i7-13700k and EVGA FTW3 3090, RTX on, Realism Difficulty.

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  1. Game quá hay Mỹ đánh VC đã quá !!!

  2. Вот создать бы такую игру , где реальные события отражены . Как "чарли" вламывали пиндосам по настоящему . . . По правде😊 А не рЕмбо там всякие 😊

  3. They wouldn’t keep a portable nuke at a fire base outpost

  4. The victory of Vietnam America's military cross humanity……

  5. Americans can go to the moon and return safely, but they cannot return to Vietnam

  6. Quân đội Việt Nam dễ đánh thắng như trong game như này vậy sao, đúng là ảo tưởng :))))) how fun the game was =)))

  7. huey with 4 main rotor blades? in 1968? I really dont know is that difficult to just open fckn wikipedia to learn something…

  8. It would have been more dramatic if the player did not already know where all the enemies were and were aiming at them before they showed up.

  9. At least the plot makes the players wear headsets in the Huey to talk to each other.

  10. did you Kennedy had signed National Security Action Memorandum Number 263 ….30 days later he was killed.

  11. I can 100% assure you that if after watching, go and read the entire Wikipedia📖 page on Vietnam War🇺🇲⚔️🇻🇳, you will feel closer to this game than ever🧠✨. The same for Black Ops (2010) as well.

  12. why cant they just make a COD or BF about Vietname. They have so much to work with. Imagine the tet offensive, that would be insane. They also need to make one one Korea. They have some insane battles they could work with, like the Chosin Reservoir

  13. Also why the hueys 4 bladed? Only the venom has 4 blades the bell one has 2 rotor blades? Why

  14. at the end veitnam succsed to defend the island

  15. My grandpa was a Vietcong Vet. Got two m16 bullets in his thigh and survive.
    His teams all killed.
    VN war is a meat grinder for bothside and nobody want that😢. It seem victorious for us VN but still the lost and hatred is trememdous….

  16. lol a gatling gun in the huey? its always M60s and also the hueys look a bit different (more like 1980s modified)

  17. Americans…. How can you even sleep at nights after everything you've done to so many countries around the globe…

    You are worse than nazis…

  18. All Soviet soldiers are equipped with the uniforms of the future! And armed with the AKSU-74, which can't in 1968!

  19. Only modern games can you bring yourself back to 100% health .

  20. Curve and clumsy COD, MW 2019 is much better

  21. Like the content, but they pronounced them as NVA not VC

  22. Can someone tell me why dudes survives the helicopter crash. I’ve played this before and I’m playing it again and I know there is a whole brain washed thing going on with bell so are they just brainwashing him to think he was alive in the Vietnam war and didn’t die

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