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WAR GAME ( END OF ASA )(nollywood movie 2023)

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the return of asa

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  1. Which one be say Asa go end na! meanerwhile, i dey very happy say I don see Asa again. Nna, her squad set scatter.

  2. This video Sweet me scatter 😂❤❤

  3. Poor editing n0 volume

  4. This two other girls wey dey follow ASA they hold Gun as if the gun heavy pass them… They should be active biko

  5. Advice to you all, you can use nay name to suit in your street slang name, but never uses the name, "Holy Ghost" not even to add it with kpekus. Pls

  6. Very interesting, you guy's did well 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. The sempe the man I need more please from you please more

  8. Sempe aka ji gba ji jo you too sabi your seriousness too much I like your doings much love 💕🫡

  9. Senmpe aka jigba ji Jo your face show I really love your dosing die keep up the good work

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