War game suggests Chinese invasion of Taiwan would fail at huge cost to US, China, Taiwan militaries - nzwargamer.net

War game suggests Chinese invasion of Taiwan would fail at huge cost to US, China, Taiwan militaries

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A Chinese invasion of Taiwan in 2026 would result in thousands of casualties among Chinese, United States, Taiwanese and Japanese forces, and it would be unlikely to result in a victory for Beijing, according to a prominent independent Washington think tank, which conducted war game simulations of a possible conflict that is preoccupying military and political leaders in Asia and Washington. #CNN #News


  1. Looks like usa Is about to give away billions in weapons to another country.

  2. I guess we could more afford another war if we hadn't given our money to a country who isn't even in NATO.


  4. I’m sorry, the US would lose a lot more in the first few weeks. The losses on both side would be catastrophic

  5. The only will stop chinese aggressiveness if they see an unstoppadle asteroid fall in Their mainland and dstroy everything they build from
    The very beginning since the establish ment of their so called PLA

  6. This is all the fault of biden and his insane, close minded puppet masters.
    Maybe the left should send the diversity army in!!
    Maybe they can hand the Chinese colorful pastel flags and tell them to be more excepting of freedom!!
    I myself prefer an army of Men and Women who will shove the American flag in the enemies face, then destroy the enemy in the name of God and Freedom.

  7. Why the fuck always must be the American interfering ? I

  8. US will loose way over 3,000 lol …. A single carrier has more ….. people who comment here are so smart 🙂 they have no idea how the real world operates

  9. Just remember the leaders on all sides don't care about the soldiers life's they really just want to be the one's holding all the computer chips at the end.

  10. China's Military Generals:- "We now know how to defeat America we will FUND all LGBTQ organizations and encourage WOKE in their military to make their men soldiers think they are women and make their officer corp weak and stupid. Their Top military leadership believes "Global Warming" is America's greatest threat. HA! HA! HA! WHAT A BUNCH OF LOSERS."

  11. But the Chinese weapons are made in China, they won’t last very long😂

  12. Which is the silliest thing about it all is Taiwan and Ukraine both had chances to join NATO yet refused.

    Knowing that both conflicts were always on the table. But at the end of the day it's always the same thing my bunch of old men clamoring for war in air-conditioned offices, while young men lose their lives.

  13. Does India and/or Japan get involved. Not to mention Philippines and/or Australia.
    South Korea has it's hands full with North Korea but I can South Korea joining in on this.
    Really does have the potential to start a WW3.

  14. The US prob wants certain aircraft carriers sunk so they can be replaced by adding newer carriers without going over the 'legal limit'

  15. We all just accpeted death for what our slow ass president is doing? Wheres the cancel culture idk put some peace in their heads lmao

  16. This would be dumber than the Korean war that still hasn't ended. Stay out of it, that island can go f itself

  17. Please stop with the lies CNN! Ukraine is loosing to Russia, and a Chinese invasion of Taiwan would be successful! Also millions of woke American boys would be drafted and slaughtered. There’s the damn truth!

  18. This generation of American leftist political and social order are busy degrading masculinity, focusing on gun control and ESG while China is focused on replacing the US as the most powerful economic and military power in the world.
    If America doesn’t unite, reduce our national debt, strengthen our military, stop the pussification of our men and stop attempts to disarm our population Americans will know war on our soil and your only defense will be throwing rocks.

  19. Why doesn't the war simulator include the US allies like Japan and the UK?

  20. Why is the US sending china weapons 😑. Why have we EVER armed enemies?
    So stupid.
    How can “we remain number one” when our men (obviously not all men) can’t decide if they are men or women and our women….(obviously not all women….but the fact I felt the need to come back and clarify any of this this tells u the state of our thought process. Don’t let me offend you.) short on manly men have decided to become men themselves. 😑
    We are fighting over who can use what bathroom while these folks laugh at us.

  21. Can always trust CNN to propagate falsehood. All the war games put US as the loser.

  22. BiDen gonna take U.S.A DOWN. BIDEN IS AN ALIEN.

  23. For centuries, the feudalistic and corrupt Imperial governments of China lorded it over the common man. Then came the upheavals during the colonial age and downfall the monarchy, eventually followed by the rise of the Chinese Communist Party. The Chinese nationalists (somewhat reminiscent of the old Imperial authoritarianism) fled to the now island fortress of Taiwan, and the CCP is itching to settle old scores. Additionally, mainland China wants to give us colonialists back a taste of what she received during the age of colonialism by being belligerent and bellicose. Meanwhile, the CCP has mismanaged things so badly that China is facing some upcoming very hard economic times. When finally the ‘shit starts to hit the fan’, in order to divert the Chinese public’s attention, the CCP will be ready to start the reconquest of Taiwan and fight a war with any former colonialists that oppose her. At that point in time, the CCP will sacrifice anything and anyone to stay in power. At the moment, however, the damage that sanctions would do to China is still a sufficient deterrence. If, however, Xi does the unthinkable, he will inflict huge suffering upon China and the world.

  24. Ok so according to this video the Chinese lose 160 aircraft while the US loses 200-400 lol. Western tech is way ahead of the chinese. If they could knock out 10 US jets for 200 lost they would be doing extremely well.

  25. The U.S. has a secret weapon if China tries to invade Taiwan. They will pull the uno reverse card and invade China instead. These are the kind of advanced tactics they teach you in the army war college.

  26. 20 combat ships only have 3000 casualty??? An aircraft carrier have at least 5000 people to kept it operational at sea, losing 2 carrier means at least 10k soldiers. These guys does not know math.

  27. Just saying: timing, distance, financial burden and public opinion are not favourable to USA. The only way out is to invade China.

  28. No military necessary. US closes the Straits of Malacca. In 30 days Chinese economy goes to near zero. US sets up emabargo, in 6 months China is a 3rd world nation, with starving people rioting in their streets.

  29. Gringoland is not happy unless it is provoking and prosecuting wars. It has no problem with a nuclear war over NOTHING. China is simply an economic competitor. Has only one military base outside its territory and has mot prosecutes a war since Korea. Gringoland’s desire to dominate and command the world will be the smug stupid reason to end human civilization.

  30. US! Develop a missile carrier! This carrier will be protected by Frigates and attack submarines. Bring the "barrage" of missiles to China.

  31. In a war between China and US,. US allies, Japan, Australia, South Korea and India should not be discounted. They will surely participate.

  32. This determines nothing of both combatants and there military power

  33. China weren't be a advance economic and military Superpower country if it hadn't been for Democrats President Jimmy Carter, who open US and China Relationship back in 1980. To Democrats President Bill Clinton, who sign into law the US/ China free trade agreement and enter China into WTO (World Trade Organization) from 1998 to 2000. Thanks to all the Democrats Liberal supporter who voted these Democrats to be the US commander in Chief of United of States. Also thanks to all the Liberal news like CNN, ABC, NBC, and MSNBC news that made it possible for these Liberal Democrats politicians to be President of the United of States.

  34. America will lose badly. We will be decimated. Not because China is better or more powerful or more capable or better soldiers. We will lose because of the crooked senile traitors running our country. Biden would probably order the military to “stand down.”

  35. The Pentagon should have sent nuclear weapons to Taiwan decades ago. Too late now!!

  36. So China won't strike in the US, or use its ICBMs to hit Washington

  37. So many self-righteous people here forgot that it's China's civil war and even the US recognizes one China. Taiwan's constitution shows its official name as the Republic of China and there are many people in the Republic of China prefer unification and many regard ROC as the legitimate China. If ROC is under China's control, ROC will most likely remain capitalist country and pretty much nothing changes except it's officially unified with China. For that, the US makes up a lot of stuff trying to say how important Taiwan is, just to get involved. Chinese people treat Taiwan people as brother and sister, unlike the US with other countries it invaded; when the US occasionally got caught in killing innocent civilians, just came out and apologized and that's it. Would you be so forgiving if it's any other country?

  38. We need Trump. Biden is stupid and weak.

  39. Yes thay have ships on paper but you CLEARLY FORGOT TO MENTION THAT THAY ARE NOT ALL THAT GOOD VERY OLD ..cannon fodder

  40. It's become clear at this time IMO that all disposable means of deterrence are needed to combat China including and not limited to nuclear deterrents…..

    I can also tell there are many shills from both China and US military here………this is the way……

  41. Going over a war game is not the same as going to war, the outcome may be disastrous as history has shown to hapeen to either side over and over 😅

  42. Ai is the beginning of the industrial revolution. Food, clothing, housing and transportation need AI. Don’t doubt that the heart of mankind is in Taiwan. AI, the global supply chain, is irreplaceable and unique. It is also the core of the global alliance of high-tech countries.

  43. Constant foreign interference on internal affairs of China…..really devil from usa and its the West followers…

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