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War game suggests Chinese invasion of Taiwan would fail at huge cost to US, China, Taiwan militaries

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A Chinese invasion of Taiwan in 2026 would result in thousands of casualties among Chinese, United States, Taiwanese and Japanese forces, and it would be unlikely to result in a victory for Beijing, according to a prominent independent Washington think tank, which conducted war game simulations of a possible conflict that is preoccupying military and political leaders in Asia and Washington. #CNN #News


  1. That sounds like a western defeat. 300-400 aircraft? 10-20 ships? More like every ship in a modern war. Look at Russia. Ships sunk by shoulder mounted launchers from shore! Now a man in a dinghy can sink an aircraft carrier in the night. So if that many aircraft were estimated that will probably be double in real life. And it ends with Chinese troops in Taiwan? They would then have the oil to fight as long a war as America can. How is that anything but alarming?? I think Japan will be the pivotal piece. They are screwed if China gets Taiwan.

  2. Did everyone Forget the USA has Tom Hawks which have longer ranges turn the harpoons?

  3. U.S. is playing chess not checkers! Place your pawns than attack with your rook! Checkmate!

  4. MAAD people if US or China attack each other with only one nuke as a respond the nuclear dominoes will start to engage and the chips will cascade down

  5. I am sick of hearing about this stupid war game. That's like the stupidest crap ever released and followed by the main stream media I'm history. That stupid game is nowhere near how the war will go. That game does not represent how US will fight the war. I do believe US defense plays it and see weaknesses that it can patch but overall that is not anything close to how it will be fought. We are not loosing 2 aircraft carriers. That game is delusional

  6. China really wants to disappear from the face of the Earth now don't they? After an all-out nuclear war with America, the few million highly radioactive people who are still left alive in China, will wonder how many days do they have to live before they pass away like the rest of their citizens. Is that what China wants? If they invade Taiwan then that is what they will get.

  7. hell, just bomb the 3 gorges dam and the war will immediately be over.

  8. how do we square the fact that losing 2 carriers with 5000 personnel each plus 8 other ships on one hand and getting only 3000 us killed on the other hand.

  9. Imagine a world where money was spent towards the common good than wats

  10. Fun fact: largest airforce in the world is the US airforce. Send largest airforce in the world is the US Navy. Not a joke just the facts.

  11. It's not just Taiwan and America, China would have to worry about, don't forget Japan, Austrailia, Phillipines, and so forth, near the area, who are affected most by war would join in on suppressing china or at least giving a token aid to the allies (lol). Also, let's not forget China doesn't only have enemies from the seas, India, and several countries beside China are always on alert to what China does. I can see India intimidating Chinese borders on land and sea, unlikely to start a war, but making China have to raise it's guard so its backside isn't insecure from a possible land decapitation. I honestly don't see a clear cut Chinese victory in any way except massive incompetence from the allied front; and even then, would taking taiwan be worth themassive economic upheaval? In a time where China is barely keeping itself afloat from the real-estate bubble collapse? A war is logistically improbable, and logistics wins wars.

  12. No one wants war let there be peace in the world.

  13. The war has not started with China and we are already talking about not having enough ammo. What are our factories doing? They went on vacation? The war in Ukraine is still on going. Our country should have declared this ammo deficiency a national emergency. We have enough places to store them. We need to be ramping up this 24/7 nonstop. What are we doing all this time? Jesus Christ………..

  14. Whats better? Let China take Taiwan in peace or risk a global war with millions of potential deaths?

  15. China has choke points that would cut off any supplies

  16. War game is sorely mistaken . China will take taiwan in short order ..

  17. You know what's failing? Your lying ass fake network.

  18. These estimates are stupid saying if us n china went to war over tawain that we would lose x amount of ships and they would lose x amount of ships…. please give me a break,if it were to start between the world 🌎 2 super power…..it would tear the planet in likely a fight to extinction or till both countries lay in ruins at the very least

  19. N people in USA should chill the wokeness has n just politics in general.not to mention how pre-madonda the us youth have become,we should look to are military as this nity griddy group of savages no one wants to fuck with any more… we've got men who sit down to pee in some cases and wear lipstick in our armed forces


  21. Doesn’t look like we are remaining number one. We are sending all to Ukrainian. And chine sees that. Waiting for us to be empty to make a move.

  22. A negotiated economic partnership between Taiwan and China will ensure a bright future for both. An invasion of Taiwan by China would be a disaster both militarily and economically. China has much to learn about the benefits of soft power but prefers the blunt instrument of military power and threats. Its influence is stunted by this misconception of the use of power hence the increasing use of the term superpariah instead of superpower for China.

  23. The only experience China has with war is the experience of being invaded. They don't know how to fight.

  24. China thinks it can attack without homeland repercussions. I don't think it will work like this. America will also be targeted for this reason.

  25. Saudi Arabia just allied themselves with China, Russia, India, Brazil, South Africa. BRICS is actively to weaken America and undermine the dollar as reserve currency, putting up their own reserve currency in its place to control global trade. WWIII is already upon us, remember that when choosing what to spend your money on and where it's going.

  26. We should be throwing more stuff into Taiwan like now. Like long range rockets to hit downtown China. Then they might get the message.

  27. Yes, these war games predict absolutely massive losses on both sides. There is also ofcourse a huge unknown component, I don't know who would win, especially in China's backyard where they have too many guided missiles to speculate. A massive preemptive strike against US/Japan military assets would benefit China strategically. The 'space' battle would also be hugely significant, both countries try to blind the other by taking out surveillance satellites. Sadly, this war might be necessary and the only thing we can do to slow Chinese economic growth and global expansion.

  28. VietNam,S Korea,Tailand or some other country in the area should invite EVERY person in Taiwan to move there,taking their computer chip industry with it…let china have that worthless rock…with out the industry and people its worthless any way and what ever country they went to would benifit greatly…

  29. I dont know if we gonna win this war because I got better things to do

  30. Don’t believe the hype China have no designs except the reunification of Taiwan the rogue province. Unlike the US who seek out winless wars,China is focused on creating a bountiful society for its citizens.

  31. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 China isn't Iraq or Libya, and no one knows what weapons China really has.
    To say that the US will win is total madness.
    Aggression has its pitfalls. No one will win. Taiwan will fall, we should learn from the proxy war in Ukraine.

  32. We have Europe, Japan , S.Korea and many more . China only got Pandas

  33. Thanks GREEDY Communist POLITICIANS of USSA over 40YEARS

  34. The eastern part of Taiwan is a deep-water port. If China wants to seize Taiwan, its purpose is to become the hegemon of the world. Xinjiang and Tibet are the land it invaded. Taiwan was handed over to Chiang Kai-shek by the Allied forces during World War II. He claimed to be China. Facing the danger of Chinese aggression.

  35. I don't want google to find out my name says:

    How could China lose less aircraft than the US?

  36. Americans, please fight your own war with China at some places else. We Taiwanese want peace and we don't want any kind of war . I think when the first round of missiles hit Taiwan. That would be the end of war. I think we will surrender. There's no such thing that we will fight to the end, to the last bullet and to the last man. And maybe it's just about time for Taiwan to come back to the mother land China. Just like Hong Kong and Macau. No other country can decide which way we should go and what is our destiny. We will talk with China. Maybe sign some peace treatise. And then we're done. No more wars. It can save both our soldiers' lives and your young soldiers' lives. So why not? Wish us luck. We really don't want to become like Ukraine. Fighting a war in our own country, in our own territory. Who is going to rebuild our country for us? Don't bother then. Just save it for all of us. Peace.

  37. Good thing America is going woke/broke..but dont worry us REAL americans will stand up and fight for the country we love regardless if you pansies will and we all know you want this country to be a communist type government but if you only knew what life would actually be like when you don't have these freedoms and rights our founding fathers gave to you that you don't respect..they don't allow you to choose genders…they don't allow you to speak out….you will not like it and we wont have any sympathy because you didn't care until it was to late. So many have tried to open your eyes but your to block headed and self loathing to allow it.

  38. Another war because the dem foreign policy is trash.

  39. 👴The USA provoked the Ukrainian war by killing 14 thousand Russian children, women, and man in DONBAS. The Ukrainian people are just been used by the USA, BRITISH, France, Germany, and NATO, in a PLANNED PROXY WAR AGAINST RUSSIA. Do the people of Taipei, TAIWAN know they are next to be used by USA-NATO IN a PLANNED PROXY WAR against CHINA? The USA is arming Taiwan to give their Government the allusion they can win a war against China. Think about it. In 2014/15 NATO, Obama&Biden started the Ukrainian war by training 900 thousands Ukrainians and put lot of weapons including biologic weapons labs in Ukraine to give their Government the allusion they could win a war against Russia, most if not all of that 900K are now dead. TAIWAN will suffer the same destiny their island will be destroyed.🧜‍♀

  40. Based on the assumption Chinese equipment and men will perform. They assumed the same about Russia. It won’t be a tough fight. China will be wrecked easily by the USA.

  41. So knowing we planned to defend Taiwan why don’t we have the missiles we need to defend Taiwan x5? Seriously wtf?

  42. Of course it will have huge losses, and costs. Did China learn nothing from Putin's failure in Ukraine. This will probably cause huge sanctions, and a ban of China imports to US, and Allies.

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