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War Games 1983: CISO Cinema’s Ultimate Cybersecurity Analysis & Timeless Lessons!

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Step back in time with CISO Cinema as we review the iconic cybersecurity movie, “War Games” (1983). This cinematic gem not only entertains but also offers valuable lessons for today’s cybersecurity professionals.

📌 In this episode, we’ll discuss:
✔️ The cultural impact of “War Games” on cybersecurity
✔️ Amusing and outdated aspects of the movie’s portrayal of technology
✔️ Key cybersecurity lessons that remain relevant today
✔️ Lighthearted banter among our panel of experts

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  1. I remember when I was a kid, the National Emergency Broadcast System was triggered with an actual nuclear alert instead of the scheduled test because someone (allegedly) loaded the wrong tape. There was a real backlash, because "in an actual emergency" – which it claimed to be, nearly all radio & TV stations were to go off the air immediately. When the faux alert happened, nearly none of them did. Very similar to the start of this film.

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