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war games 1983 defcon 2 to defcon 1

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From Movie War Games released in 1983
Transition from Defcon 2 to Defcon 1


  1. "Flush the bombers"Now that is a HUGE toilet.

  2. See the face? How do you hack an audi key? See 38? 3 dr8s? 3 R8's? Or do you see feet like FTSE and hyde park? Trying to hide your money?

  3. Me playing Defcon when Missile Launches are detected on my friend's silos

  4. I always found these scenes hilarious because everyone is running around in mass panic but where would they be going with those papers? Like huge stacks of papers too like how did they type and print all those sheets in like the few seconds before the last time they were running all over? And who would be reading those papers in such a panicked state?

  5. Barry Corbin managed to pull off playing the Wisconsin-accented Deke Slayton in Moonshot and made it work.

  6. When your shit stinks worse then you thought…..raise the defcon!!!

  7. Simmons; but the scene in the movie is slightly inaccurate. To go to DEFCON 1, the United States must be in a confirmed state of war with an opposing nation. The last time we were in what -would have been- DEFCON 1 (but predating the implementation of the scale), was concluded on 2 September 1945, with the surrender of Japan.

  8. "WE ARE AT DEFCON 1" – the most memorable line in the movie.

  9. "Tell me this is one of your simulations." LOLOLOL

  10. Actually the only reason they are at DEFCON 1 is because the writers of the movie thought that it went from 5 to 1 and made sense for a countdown but in reality DEFCON 5 is Maximum Readiness.

  11. Please tell me you are either misinformed or just a bit fail in the brain department.

    DEFCON 1 is maximum readiness, with DEFCON 5 being Normal Readiness.

    Wikipedia is your friend.

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