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War Games

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so after W.O.P.R. Is seen in war games, MGM decided to make war games the dead code — and here is the return of wopr as it faces riply.


  1. They serious need to reboot this movie.

  2. of for the love of God they didn't drag Joshua into this mess did they…ugh!!! yet another film ruined by sequel that DID NOT NEED TO HAPPEN…no wonder I've never heard of this flick

  3. Mmm. Even in the original Wargames movie the WOPR was not a supercomputer but just a warsimulator. And no one pretended is was this marvellous supermachine.

  4. "maybe you don't know how to handle a sensible one lik this"… doo, that's obvious. That guy believes that joshua doesn't works for anything.

  5. I kind of agree, but Matt Lanter is kinda hot LOL

  6. LOL THAT'S FUCKING EPIC!!!! "Greetings Professor Falken"

  7. this was such a fucking insult to the original…

  8. Why does Joshua sound different then in the original War Games?

  9. Well I saw the whole movie and even though wopr is dead Joshua lives one in another computer.
    So for you people that complain don't until you watched the whole movie.

  10. Wow. I didn't know there was a sequel to War Games. But, now that I know, I'm kinda depressed.

  11. Phish's success is… including a “secret language” of musical “signals”

  12. I hope this movie was a joke or a spoof. WTF is this? Any relation to the original?

  13. Seconds later… The shell is destroyed.

  14. This movie looks like it was filmed on half the budget of a Doctor Who episode. Jesus.

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