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WAR GAMES 2003: Funkin’ Army vs. Extreme Horsemen

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In 2003 on a hot September night in Fort Lauderdale, FL, fans packed the War Memorial Auditorium recording the second largest crowd in MLW history to see the Funkin’ Army captained by Terry Funk take on arch rival Steve Corino and his squad, the Extreme Horsemen in a WAR GAMES match.

2 rings were constructed side-by-side, as is tradition for this bout that featured a who’s who of wrestling including: “Dr. Death” Steve Williams, Barry Windham, Sabu, CW Anderson, Justin Credible, The Sandman… even Bill Alfonso?!


  1. How can we watch old fusion or MLW episodes?? ??

  2. Now this is how you do War Games,come as you are and bring what you can.Don''t come out there wasting time pulling 50/11 chair,tables,ladders trash cans and kendo sticks out from under the ring throwing it in and then at some point during the middle of the match stand side-by-side staring at each other.From beginning to end,knuckles up and swinging,boot stomping and get-r-done.Thank you MLW.

  3. I love this match and I loved this promotion.

  4. @SouthOx yeah he works in their digital division basically the internet shit from them is what he does

  5. I remember this from when my folks just got digital cable!

  6. Much better then Kevin Kelly's dubbed commentary on the DVD.

  7. In the 30 year history of Wargames matches, has there ever been a face team that's won the coin toss?

  8. What for is the second ring? They can´t do it in just one?

  9. holy shit this has like a mix feeling of WCW and ECW

  10. OOOOOH MMMMYYYY GAAAAAAAAWWWWWWDDDDDD! Joey Styles is the best commentator next to JR

  11. NICE…. It was like WCECW…I wish ECW had the money to pull this off when it was a live…this took me back to ECW of the 90s smh memories

  12. Worst wargames were 93,95,96 only because there was no blood 97 was ok 98 sucked.

  13. The heels win the coin toss again? Man, what ARE the odds?

  14. How come The King stepped out of this match?

  15. Gotta give Fonzie credit for getting in there lol

  16. when was this my first time of hearing of this branch

  17. I saw this on the sunshine network for free in 2003. cm punk was starting his feud with raven in mlw while being his lackey in tna. mlw lasted 7 months. corrino, kojima, awesome were there 3 champs.

  18. MLW was the best out of all the companies that were created from the ashes of ECW and WCW.

    That includes TNA. >_>

  19. Now this is wrestling this is how the WWE should be doing alot of their matches

  20. Always nice to see and listen to Joey Styles.

  21. I never knew that MLW existed. I really missed out.

  22. does anyone else hate the guy with the whistle? it's so annoying.

  23. Sandman makes his way to the ring, BLARING GENERIC ROCK MUSIC, hmmmm I wonder why they did that? 😀

  24. This was like "Jim Crockett Promotions, meet ECW". Great match.

  25. give me the name of this masterpiece of sound rock machine

  26. nope wwe should not touch this they will water it down. hands up to the guy in this match keep wars games dark and with that 80's fells. love this match hope to see more. 💸💸💸💸

  27. Never knew Joey Styles did commentary for MLW.

  28. I remember WWE pulled Jerry Lawler from the match after he was announced for Funk's team. Show before this was Funk vs Lawler as Corino had brought him in as bounty hunter. Then something happen (been more 10 years) where lead to lawler split from corino. That would have lead to lawler being 5th guy for war games. Fonze seemingly took his place (couldn't get anyone else I guess).

  29. Joey Styles…enough of that…what are you up to lately Joey Styles?

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