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This GTS video is a professional wrestling video similar to WWE featuring Grims toy show, In our GTS royal rumble is a wrestlemania inspired match featuring Grim, Duhop, and Kleetus in a youtube wrestling figures legendary Heavyweight championship exhibition #WWE #Wrestling #Wrestlemania





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Disclaimer for Youtube context: This video is WWE style professional wrestling performed by trained athletes presented in an artistic manner, made for entertainment purposes, it is not real and no one was harmed in this video.


  1. Who else thinks that Kleetus and grim should have a draft with two different shows

  2. Black and white DF should stay Green and black DF should go Way forever black and white DF rock because of duhop I'm on duhop side

  3. Ngl grim its time to get a warehouse, make the show go up back we need something and I feel like half of stars not coming back cause of its not a warehouse like old times

  4. I thought the green/black DF had more people than what's on this video and in the white/black DF ? Where are they at?

  5. Bruh what happend to u you have kids your channels dead and yesterday I found out u have only fans your show is for kids and teens and your wrestling sucks ass now bruh they take every punch like they got hit with a Brick every wrestling show hates u now

  6. Df vs df df grim vs df hop just like nwo vs nwo Wolfpack vs Hollywood

  7. We need VLAD and grey wolf to come and join Grim.

  8. E Money is really good. Keep Booking him

  9. e money milli is a future star grim he did very good against hooligan. great match between them 2. for sure one of my favorite matches in gts history and that says a lot because i been a fan since i was 12 and im 17 now thank you for all the memories grim.

  10. No disrespect to your brother but he is really stubborn it seems like he can't handle the fact that you created this whole thing and you cant rely on anyone to pull big main views

  11. 15:08 Hollywood Holigan: Hit him with the Pool Salt!
    Kleetus: The what?
    Hollywood Holigan: The Pool Salt! 🤣
    Kleetus hits him with Pool Salt
    Grim: The Solid Steel Pool Salt!
    Kleetus missed

  12. Jey is spelled wrong in the graphic. Supposed to be Jay not Jey.

  13. Jay the key needs to be Champ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. So we not gonna talk about how he hit him with a water bottle 17:37

  15. This shows getting a little better but would be better with less grim,Tina and duhop and more rad dad and greywolf.

  16. Wait so is cleatus team black and white or team black and green????? WE NEED TO KNOW!!!!!

  17. Bush bitch (manabo) with the promo🔥🔥🔥

  18. D Christmas 🎁🌲 I love it so far so far so much better for you coming home soon 🔜I

  19. 9:18 so let me get this straight Grim you replace Greywolf with this giant, oversized, and generic waste of time ?

  20. I hate that all the matches that happen now people always cheat to win the refs need to pay attention cause there always wring and it ruining the show

  21. Issac won there was no one else there except onslaught he was not even in the match wake up refs also at the redo rumble the ref had no clue of what they where supposed to do all he knew is that he was being paid for doing nothing he had no clue of what wrestling if he did then flash would have never been out

  22. DF white and black should've been DEGERATION FIT & only had the Slender's & Jungle Jim's in their spinoff group. "Eat it, No!"… JS.

  23. Nice retirement angle Mark O' Henry!👌

  24. Gargantuan guy shouldn't ever talk!

  25. Why don't any of the matches ever lead into the woods behind them? Slender, Jungle Jim, Tarzan Dan, horror characters etc., Whata Waste!😉

  26. This feels more like WCW NWO (Black and white) vs NWO (Red and black)

  27. Diego Espinosa you have to go for a little while gst wrestling duohp grims me in my DF L the Jay Kay way strit m not going on with video chat with me in my head and my friend that was in my

  28. Yes also episode for loose. Do you doing going to coach the df

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