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War games around Taiwan – China War Talk Increasing

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According to war game simulations run by a Washington-based think tank, Guam gets struck by the Chinese military in each of the most likely Taiwan invasion scenarios.
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  1. Whenever they conduct war games, it goes nuclear when, the aggressor armed with nukes, begins with conventional weapons thinking their opponent is conventionally armed only, but in fact the country being attacked, unbeknownst to them HAS nukes. The country being attacked immediately escalates to a full nuclear attack. Please, spare me normie response. Taiwan is rich , has been anticipated China aggression. You believe there is no way they have nukes? Next thing you know, I might suggest the Chinese bio engineered an airborne respiratory virus in a french designed level bio weapons lab in Wuhan and unleashed it on the entire world, including themselves. No wayyyyy man. That could never ever happen. IF it did, it certainly wouldn't have been funded by the good ole USA with stock originating in the US, then traveling covertly through Canada, again, no wayyyy. I suggest Taiwan does have nukes and so does Japan. Japan literally has tons of nuke material and a full fledged space program. Japan is next or the simultaneous target. The Japanese have ZERO history of lashing out preemptively, total unexpectedly, without first declaring war against a much larger opponent, 1905 & 1941. No wayyyy Japan will act. No chance at all. Btw, the USA just sent 500 tomahawk cruise missles a couple months ago to Japan. No wayyyy Japan put nuke tips on those babies.

    Fwiw, after WW2, many world national leaders and political figures said the most shocking event that occurred, and were still stunned by it was the military defeat of 🇫🇷. French had more armor!, had bigger air force, were simply on paper the better military. They found the quick defeat the most surprising event of the war.

    Prepare to be shocked. Imho, ymmv

  2. Having the speaker visited Taiwan, and actively promoting the idea of Taiwan is an independent country, that was the cause. China is just reacting to what had given. So, US is the one holding the key.

  3. China will invade china if America overturns the election of the kmt, the pro china party in Taiwan that landslided the local elections at the end of last year.

    The reality is democracy was overthrown in Ukraine after the government choose the peace option in 2014 and to have a peaceful trading relationship with Russia.

    America supports democracy if you're government does whatever the neocons say.

  4. Yah , well Japan is full steam ahead for NEW WORLD ORDER PLANS . 8 days ago Reuters news

  5. It won't bolster deterrence by placing more US forces in Japan; it will just afford the PLA more opportunities for a pre-emptive hypersonic missile strike.. Austin didn't think about that concept.

  6. My good teacher,

    The best way to prepare for what is coming is to live a life based on integrity…
    an approach for which you are eminently qualified teach.
    Behold I am coming soon to bring my recompense to repay everyone for what he has done.

    The Prophet's wife,

  7. The collapse of US is going to be accelerated if it dares to go to war with China. Don't believe…ask General Douglas MacArthur about the Korean War in 1950s.

  8. Do you think they're getting ready to attack America?

  9. It's not an invasion without the US abandoning the one china policy first.

  10. This is going to sound horrible but I think I am right here. The globalists want to change the world to suit their agenda and to do this they need to vilify certain things. Firstly we have global warming they are ramping up again by vilifying Co2, gas and oil, nitrogen, and now they want to crush farmers ability to farm, oil companies from producing, gas companies from mining for gas, and fertilizer companies from producing certain fertilizers and so on. They also used covid as a tool to create panic and fear, lock us down, remove our ability to keep our freedoms, and pushing to remove all weapons because they know when they ramp this up to an intensity of 10 the shit will hit the fan and people will begin to fight back. They were getting ready for this and preparing for the fight back. However, with the Ukraine war and now the China ramping up its rhetoric on Taiwan and threats of war the west is beginning to fear that what they want to do to change the world to their agenda is going to collapse right before their eyes. This is why they are pouring billions and billions of $ into Ukraine because Russia is winning and they know it.

    These globalists have been securing politicians from EVERY country on earth and paying them off for the last 20+ years and with Russia and China now ramping up total war they are panicking that their entire house of cards is going to fall. Should Russia have invaded Ukraine? no, but they were given no choice from what I am learning of the truth. Should China invade Taiwan? that is a big NO from me. However, with the USA under the democrats giving all of their cash away to Ukraine they are undermining their own ability to wage any other war elsewhere….this is terrifying and so stupid. The democrats are doing the cardinal sin of many military commanders in history, preparing to fight multiple wars on separate fronts. So many great commanders in history attempted the same thing and they all failed in the end. In WWII yes the Americans fought on two fronts, Europe and Asia but they were not alone, they were backed up by powerful allies.

    If China does invade America is going to find itself once again in a similar situation that will stretch them to their limits. If I was the Chinese leader and my goal was to invade no mater what this would be the time to do it knowing the USA is in a VERY stretched and thin situation financially and militarily. It would be a case of now or never for me. Boosting military assets in Japan is not just a good move but a necessary move. But the rest of Asia MUST be also put on alert and be ready to face a total war in Asia. Every other Asian country needs to back a push to stand up to China and be ready. I hope these negotiations are being conducted right now before it is too late. I would back a plan for India to attack China via Tibet and push open the back door to stretch and thin China's forces immediately. Also, to get the support of her neighbors as well. Australia needs to increase military build up as does Indonesia and Vietnam. Japan is already gearing up.

  11. We also said that Japan was not a real threat.

  12. Humanity doesn't need another massive conflict, especially one which could escalate into a world-wide calamity. War has become an expensive luxury, and we have way too many problems to accommodate those who wish us to engage in yet another one. Cooperation is the future.

  13. after what we're seeing in Ukraine I have much doubt about the performance of Chinese war machines (ships, subs, jets, missiles) The CCP is as corrupt as their Russian counterparts. On the other hand, a land invasion of Taiwan would demand a much larger amount of amphibious capability from China. As much as they would love to get Taiwan back, and liewise the US would love to defeat China in an open naval war far form home, I think this one is just "Saber rattling". In a few years, let's say five to ten, the story could be much more different

  14. Why was this not on Rumble? Are they censoring now or something?

  15. The world is waking up to the United States that's good at 1 thing death debt and lying

    Silver shield

  16. Taiwan is already part of China. Leave them alone.

  17. I can tell the CCP is very eagerly to test its newly modernized military muscle.

  18. Japan and China will go to war over Taiwan. That is inevitable. Likely next March. That’s the worlds second and third largest economy is gone. Who will America trade with?
    The first salvo will likely be to nuke in the US bases in Okinawa and Tokyo. The CCP thinks why would American elites care about the plebs.🤷🏻‍♂️
    The Americans will be thinking that’s the second Pearl Harbor🤬
    The Japanese will be returning to the way of Bushido. All that weapons grade plutonium have got stored (enough for 5000 warheads) will be used to take revenge regardless of what American politicians say. They don’t understand the Japanese mind, and redress.
    The outcome will be that China will go in nothing, except a psychotic Japan looking for blood. Very emotional people.

  19. i think we're getting ready to get our ass kicked from all sides

  20. Maybe the Chinese are sick of the USA to faced out look on Tiwon

  21. Wild the US thinks it owns the entire globe

  22. Australia is going to be conflicted in this situation. All our exports go to China so who is going to pay for the pensions and other hangers on?

  23. I would be more impressed if you had dave Ramsey over robert

  24. When the minister of defence is a diversity hire….

  25. Classic bullying tactics from China…expat here in Taiwan for 23 years. Local sentiment is more resolved & independent than ever.

  26. Funny how General MacArthur warned USA about war with the CCP in 1951 address to Congress 🧐

  27. Why do you think the CCP invested so much to get this Numbty Gumby administration elected? They were running out of FOREX reserves and ability to prop up their Potemkin facade, and knew that the war needed to come sooner rather than later. The CCP and their allies have been planning for war for decades while the idiots of the US deep state thought their power was unassailable as they were progressively infiltrated by the CCP-WEF globalist-communist NWO agenda

  28. Rich old people who want to control the world don't care that the rest of us don't want to send our sons to die.

  29. I’d probably trust Lloyd Austin’s summation over Chris’.

  30. After Merkel and French idiot President big lie to Russia 🇷🇺 of Minsk Accord about peace and then telling everyone it was really just to arm Ukraineso they could shell Donbas and kill Russians, why would China 🇨🇳 be interested in peace talks?

  31. CCP should give up their stupid nonsense 70+ years old territorial claim on Taiwan.

    Taiwanese Constitution is ridiculously hard to change under the Chinese threat and coercion. But after two generations and most of all the 20 years of Chinese Great Firewall, we have very different values and systems.

  32. "defend Japan and it's people" – notice people came second, before "Japan". The framer of these words is more concerned about the usefulness of Japan than it's people.

  33. Can USA polititians be trusted? Will any agreement between the US and China be like the Minsk accord? The Military Industrial Pharma Complex will give up his warmongering efforts and agree to tell its Washington puppets to actually be honest and truthfull?

  34. China is in worse shape by far than we are economically. They import 85% of there energy and 60% of there food and sell 60% of there product to us. How could they be any real kind of a threat to us. All we would have to do is form a blockade and stave them out.

  35. China is heavily dependant on it’s trade relations. In my mind that makes them less likely to go on a rampage against anyone.

    Turkey’s election and Erdogan blocking new members to enter Nato is a however a pressing matter, due to Nato already is a part of the de facto war in Ukraine – Albeit by proxy.

  36. Break the issue down to the simplest form. What would the result be if Ch. stopped all exports and all exports of components & raw materials both directly to the US and to all countries that have factories that export to the US? This isn't a conflict we can "win".

  37. Whats the point of talking to the west when they have proven themselves agreement incapable time and time again.

  38. Yeah – they "seriously doubted" Putin would invade Ukraine too.
    We are run by complete idiots.

  39. Always have to look for your vids. Always worth it.

  40. Arrogant Kiyosaki is one rude ass person …….. bye

  41. It there anything a jabbed person can do you detox that 💉 any information would be greatly appreciated

  42. Only works as long as people with Euros in their hands are still mad and suicidal enough to support the dollar.

  43. So the United States is ready to take on China and Russia eh?! HA wait let me catch my breath I’m laughing too hard for my myocardial heart to handle!!!

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