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“War Games” IMSAI 8080 – Computerphile

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A teenager in his bedroom playing Global Thermonuclear War ‘online’ via his IMSAI 8080 in the classic movie War Games – Jason from the Centre for Computing History shows us their IMSAI 8080

N.B. To clarify, both Jason and Sean have seen War Games. At the time of filming neither had seen the film “Ready Player One”, which was not yet released.

(War Games features in the Ernest Cline book “Ready Player One” – whether it survives the transfer to the big screen remains to be seen)

Computer that Changed Everything:
Atari VCS 2600: Coming Soon

This video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley.

Computer Science at the University of Nottingham:

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  1. I built an Altair 8800 from kit; over 5000 solder joints. Totally awesome and by itself rather useless without peripherals.

  2. Is it an 8 or 5 1/4" disk? It is difficult to tell, at the angle shown.

  3. I just built the IMSAI 8080 replica kit from The HighNibble in Australia. Looks exactly like the original from the front, works great.

  4. The TI-99/4A had a speech synthesiser and the text to speech was much better quality than the speech in War Games

  5. I bought an original Imsai 8080 on eBay one year ago, no CPU, ram, etc., only front panel, case, mainboard, and power supply. Paid $1500.00 for it. Now sitting in the closet.

  6. I'm only three years late for this video. That's actually pretty good for me.Not first!

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