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War Games is TERRIBLE… Apex Legends season 8

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War Games is TERRIBLE… Apex Legends season 8

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These daily apex legends season 8 highlights were taken from clips and content on my stream, which you can follow here:


After a set of frustating and let down games ottr decides to speak out and share his thoughts on the new apex legends limited time mode event, War Games: Second Chance. Ottr talks about how the gamemode doesn’t allow for fast paced gameplay as there aren’t hot swaps, and the enemies just drop two shield cells on death – giving them a huge advantage in early to midgame. There’s no loot in the new mode and almost every game you find yourself without enough loot to get by, usually to get cleaned up by a third party who have been looting all game. The gamemode may slow down to a crawl at this rate.

The new gamemode definitely lets you get a lot of kills and damage. Ottr got 4000 damage this game with 15 kills, making this not only a high damage game, but a high kill game as well. Ottr was cleaning house with wraith but there’s a bug where your kills don’t count despite everything, so this could’ve also been a 20 bomb.


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  1. Ottr says some really stupid shit sometimes
    5:35 "WEEH WEEEH, if you play any ranked combo in pubs I do NOT respect you 😭"
    Okay so if someone just liked octane and their friend liked revenant, they shouldn't play those in pubs cuz apparently you're not supposed to care about pubs and on top of that it's also unrespectable to crybabys. Good to know that cuz i never heard that ranked combos are exclusive for ranked lmao sorry but to me Ottr sounded so salty about it.

  2. Says the person who makes a Youtube video with a negative clickbait title. This whole video is just watching you play a game of Apex. There is literally zero content here.

  3. I like war game first game I played I got 2000 damage badge

  4. Events not bad. Too bad trackers don’t count.

  5. You are already making way too big of a deal from this. They gave us 5 modes to enjoy in one event. Sure one or two might be bad in your opinion but others may like the ones you dont so this way everyone can enjoy apex in their way that they like.

    Plus hey, in the end its still just a game.

  6. I mean people are gonna complain either way

  7. I dropped a 20 bomb yesterday for the first time on this game mode and it didn’t count I had 3 kills 3850 dmg lmfao I went back and watched the footage and counted 20 kills I’m tilted…

  8. Forced game mode are trash! Make em seperate mode

  9. if this guy made this video like 21 seconds longer he wouldve had like twice the profit

  10. These new events are dope dude your crazy.

  11. I had a blast during the event but definitely can agree that when people die the first time they need to drop more ammo and heals

  12. The next one is basically giving everyone the wattson passive and remove shield cells which literally kills the sentinel as a viable option for sniping.

  13. Bro they made the game modes for a reason it’s supposed to be inconvenient,they’re experimenting and just trying something new. Get over it.

  14. Idk the complaints sound like a personal problem

  15. I think that it is not ranked so It is not a big deal if you cant armor swap just have fun playing the game regularly you dont have to go god mode and make kids unhappy just have fun

  16. Don’t care, it’s a takeover I just want to watch gameplay not hear complaining it’s literally supposed to be stupid fun not sweat match

  17. The only reason you don't like it is because players like you hate change and when game creators put you out if your "comfort" zone even slightly you freak out and say you hate it.

  18. For some reason its not working for me or my nephew. It wont put us in lobby but in a queue and never loads up. We tried for like an hour and we just gave up

  19. i hate how i crack a kid get third parted then we kill that kid then hes shield is back and he kills us..

  20. Agree, i just stop playing this mode after 2 hours.
    This mode is fun, but the looting and backpack need to be doubled. I literally out of ammo everytime.

  21. Leave it to a good player to immediately complain hahaha. Literally it rewards everyone because you respawn with everything….. like if a team kills you you can come back in 10 seconds and kill them since they might “only have 2 cells and more health than me” 👍

  22. Is your mousepad a really thin cloth or is it the polycarbonate mousepad

  23. I'm loving shield regen, but I'm biased as a Wattson main 🙂

  24. Weakling, game mode was fun, non-stop gun fighting.

  25. I actually really enjoy this event, one of my favorites. Just nice mixing things up for a bit.

  26. i was cucked out of three wins due to war games

  27. i wish only the war games were terrible in apex 😉

  28. "I wish i had a hot swap right now" after failing to sheild up when having high ground and jumping on two players 🤣 *6:53

  29. So far, only one of the events has been fun (Armor Regen).

  30. For me,you are overreacting.it is only LTM after all..besides,i think apex needed change once a while so the gameplay is not boring..

  31. I like how you’re the only shitty streamer and then you say the ltm is trash while literally every single streamer says it’s amazing…

  32. is the game only preventing 20 kill and 4k badges from being earned cuz i’ve gotten a few 2500 badges from shield regen mode thinking i wasn’t gonna get em

  33. The only issue was that the games were a bit bugged in terms of quest progression, but everything else was just fine and pretty fun actually, quite a mayhem ahah. But dude, if you’re telling me that “it’s bad” cuz you can’t armor swap and “it rewards bad players” only because you can’t go crazy and pop your nth 20 bomb 4K badge… like cmon

  34. did second chance last for like 2 hours? i played on the 13th and it was on armor regen

  35. This is them best they done yet. Dont know what your on about.

  36. “Omg this just rewards bad players, why can’t they just keep the normal mode and never try new game modes 😭”

  37. Respawn's Season 8 And War Games Event Made Me Quit Apex. It's So Bad. I Hate It

  38. This mode was great I'm. Upset I missed it coming back. It was just pure fun idk what you are talkin about but eh

  39. The only bad part about this event was the games not counting glitch.

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