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War Games score: History Lesson (updated, best version)

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After a long research I’ve found a better version of this tune, this time original stereo and not coming from the voice version. Enjoy
Again, no purpose to violate any copyright, just for geeky ears as mine.


  1. No HipHop beat. You know that same old beat in most music for decades now. No feeling of wagging my finger, making aggressive hand gestures, or swaying my head to argue loudly over something minor. This isn't music no way. (Dog was spelled without a W back then too. Oh the horror)

  2. It does make you want to do research or tinker with electronics

  3. It's still not the exact one from the film though. It cuts the main theme in half repeatedly so for me it's not the best version.

  4. Amazing! Thanks! I have this on the Japanese vynil record by Polydor Records (28MM 0314/Yen 2,800)… but never found the time to convert it to a digital format. Where did you fetch this?

  5. I've got it from an extended soundtrack score 😉
    btw the actual title is supposed to be "Long line leading to man"

  6. Awesome! Great movie and always liked this tune…thanks for posting!

  7. Flacon's maze brought me here, fucking Joshua.

  8. the sunlight today reminds me of 1983 says:

    i was reading that mr potatohead!


  10. I grabbed this, and have it playing on constant repeat. It's the greatest thing to be listening to when either trying to research something, or doing homework!

  11. But Jim, you're giving away all our best secrets!

  12. Boy you guys are dumb! I've figured it out all by myself!

    Oh yeah Malvin? How'd you do it?

    The first game on the list, go straight through Falken's Maze!

  13. 'Goddammit i'd piss on a spark plug if i thought it would do any good!'

  14. I'd love to hear the movie version of this. Shame it wasn't included on the soundtrack. I mean it was technically but the original vocals are on it which is distracting although it was supposed to be heard that way. Still a shame though.

  15. I really liked this score. It has that 'geeky kid's tampering with things he doesn't fully understand' vibe to it.

  16. Remember when you told me to tell you that you were being rude and inconsiderate?

  17. Anyone know the synth used to create these tracks?

  18. THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!!! I had no idea there was a recording of this track available online in this kind of quality. You have made my day, sir!

  19. Strange game, the only winning move is not to play.

  20. I loved this song when I was a kid but had no way to get it. I kept a tape recorder ready when they were airing the promos on TV so I could record it and listen to it when I was playing with my toys.

  21. Am I nuts or is it a strange phenomenon that the identical youtube video sounds extremely different if I play it on my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with Debian or with my old PS3? On the Pi, I hear a combination of 2 tunes in the melody, on the PS3 on my Sony TV I notice only one. I mean, this is not midi, why does the exact same video sound so different? That makes absolute no scene, there are no soundfonts for playback and it is the exact same video? Any explanation would be helpful, thanks.

  22. This song is as old as me. And I fuckin love it 💃🤩😂thanks for posting this, dude. Fun fact I'm the one who listened to this 1,000 times

  23. soo wish they had this version on spotify, i have the same geeky ears!

  24. Who sings this in the movie? Dale Bozzio from Missing Persons?

  25. Really interesting song this. The chords are unsusual. Love the synths

  26. This is still slightly different from the movie version. Listen to the chorus at 0:22 and 1:24. The horns are quiet for the second measure. In the movie version (https://youtu.be/TkdkkTne5mo) there's an extra four-note fanfare there that is very noticeable when gone. This one kinda leaves you hanging if you're used to the movie version.

  27. Look at the first game on the list.
    Go right through Faulken’s Maze.

  28. I listened to the score for this movie while making a Failed attempt at trying to program my own Type and Response A.I. Program on Python.

  29. Always liked this music from the first time I saw War Games in the theater. And now I just learned there is a version with lyrics and I can never un-hear that now. Ugh. So much for that.

  30. Me in Civ 2 when I nuke the world and destroy the planet

  31. Where did you get this?!‽ The soundtracks available "in the stores" only have the one with vocals, which is also great and chilling, but it's a different number all together from the instrumental version in the movie! This is the one I've got running in my head! Thank you SOOOOOO much!!!


  33. I can't believe it, Jim. That girl's standing over there listening and you're telling him about our back doors? lol

  34. What's the point? The lyrics are distorted to unintelligible!

  35. The lyrics to this are so strange, cool, but strange.

  36. If you're wondering why so few people find this video, it's because WarGames is ONE WORD!

  37. The villain of the film was not 'Joshua' or McKittrick. It was David Lightman.

  38. A movie ahead of its time. With AI and machine learning, the way the WOPR learned through Tic Tac Toe is exactly how neural nets work today, learning from mistakes.

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