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War Games: The Battle For Taiwan

NBC News
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Meet the Press takes over the NBC News Washington Bureau to stage a full-day war game between the U.S. and China. » Subscribe to NBC News:
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War Games: The Battle For Taiwan


  1. I wouldn't have gone with striking Guam, but air bases in Japan make sense… Also there is a case to be made that Australia stays neutral…

  2. Dude these people are so impossibly stupid. No wonder the Afghanistan withdrawal happened. This is honestly terrifying, these people are mentally challenged.

  3. When i heard about those Chinese moves i just wanna laugh. A bunch of white skin man mixed with some banana woman makes such reckless and bold decisions of directly attack Japan and Guam. That's absolutely American style but not Chinese at all. China will never attack US or Japan unless been attacked. China's target is Taiwan, why drag more and more parties in.
    China will use diplomatic ways to convince Philippine and Japan to step out of this war.

  4. An Asian NATO won’t work for America because there are very few Asians in The United States and most Americans would not support candidates in Congress that fund an Asian NATO, which would take money away from America itself. Who cares if China takes Taiwan if we can manufacture semiconductor chips in America in 10 years. We need to tell Taiwanese companies that it is either they put their factories in America and their workers too or we will announce that we are leaving Taiwan in 5 years and build everything we need with chips for the short term in India and South Korea 🇮🇳🇰🇷.

  5. Realistically:

    China begins to strike Taiwan military and power infrastructure with long-range missiles

    China begins to target American assets in the South China Sea with missile strikes

    China knows striking any allied land will result in a massive conflict escalation

    U.S. employs 7th fleet to blockade the Malacca Strait, cutting China off from 80% of its imports

    The clock starts ticking, China now has limited time before it capitulates

    U.S. utilizes submarines and strategic bombers to target Chinese military infrastructure in the South China Sea, pulling back vulnerable assets

    U.S. attempts to intercept inbound Chinese missiles, success rate unknown

    Key Taiwanese infrastructure is decimated by Chinese missiles strikes

    U.S. 7th fleet (and assisting assets) take minor losses

    Both sides wage cyber warfare, targeting military and economic infrastructure

    A Taiwan land-invasion is made impossible due to American ISR and submarine assets. NATO allies silently assist

    BRICS alliance condemns NATO, NATO condemns BRICS

    (note: the war remains conventional, as China strictly adheres to a No First Use policy)

    China runs out assets and time, and negotiates a cease-fire with the U.S.

    U.S. allows the flow of goods to resume, preventing a humanitarian crisis

    U.S. leverages CIA/intelligence assets to deny import of military hardware from BRICS to China through Malacca Strait

    Taiwan is crippled

    7th fleet surface vessels have suffered moderate-to-significant losses

    China’s island and Naval assets in South China Sea are mostly destroyed

    Global tensions are at an all-time high

    Global markets suffer

    Both sides work to recover from damage caused by cyber-operations

    — End Scenario —

  6. If China 🇨🇳 and Russia 🇷🇺 was smart they should tell there military to be ready and stationed at the border with 100,000 – 200,000 soldiers and a mobile hospital 🏥 staff with railroads 🛤️ setup within 10 days at the borders pointed toward Taiwan 🇹🇼 and Ukraine 🇺🇦. Also the navy should also be launched and ready and to just hold there positions and wait for your next command. This will throw off US military forces and cause mayham. US is tied in Ukraine 🇺🇦 and Israel 🇮🇱 they would be shunned if they had to act to all 4 of the threats at the same time.

  7. Whats the board game called or how to get the wooden cards

  8. This is primarily a naval battle of which China cannot win. They don't have the force projection to contest an immediate challenge to their blockade of Taiwan. There's also an oversimplification of China's ability to get feet on the ground past Taiwan's beaches. Taiwan's militaries core focus and military doctrine is repelling attacks on its shores.

  9. China Will focus on Formosa islands as The main goals inteads focus attacking Guam and Hawaii islands as part United states and also China have a Learning mistake FROM Japan During fighting with USA In pearl harbor, soooo yaaaa, China Will NOT attack Guam and Hawaii islands as part United states and focus on Formosa islands as main goals inteads attacking Guam and Hawaii islands as part United states of America

  10. china will not attacking guam and hawaii islands as part of united state and focus the mains goals in Taiwan and also china will 100% fully successfully invaded taiwan and successfully defeating usa and europe in taiwan

  11. In my opinion, if China really decides to invade Taiwan, it will target Taiwan only, not any third party. The U.S. and its allies have no excuse to attack China directly. This happened exactly in Ukraine. U.S could only send arms to Taiwan, if they can be still delivered. In the end, China can take Taiwan, although it may suffer significant loss of soldiers and assets.

  12. war is so dumb. these are all a bunch of adult children who play games with other people's lives because they're too immature to just talk to their "enemies"

  13. I think the game was done for the US on 2nd move once it lost its air supremacy over Taiwan. Air defense is king and china is playing on much geo advantage in regard to air supremacy

  14. If this war goes long in any way, then it is China's disfavor. They are absolutely dependent on oil and food imports through the Indonesian/Malaysian island chains, which they will never command. China only wins if they can take Taiwan in a few weeks.

  15. It's sobering to think that the exact that the wargamers for China are facing the exact same geopolitical situation as Japan did the day the bombed Pearl Harbor. Both are seeking to discourage the US from choosing to escalate the conflict by inflict a massive decisive defeat on America from the outset.

  16. What was that??? Doesn't attacking US airbases in Guam pull all of NATO into war via article 5. Attacking the bases in Japan pulls Japan in as well, and the Commonwealth allies would go in because China attacked Australia. Are these even war experts. China apparently didn't learn from Japan in 1941.

  17. I highly doubt if the US can go to war with China, the US can't even handle the Houthi.

  18. It's a shame you didn't talk about the economic fallout for China whichever way the invasion goes.

  19. Australia buys a lot of things from China we are stupid in Australia to rely so heavily on China geez we can’t even make out own socks in our own country
    If I was a policymaker I would not import so much I’d make things in our own country
    Australia’s won’t work for $2 an hour so we shouldn’t have the luxury of buying cheep things.
    My point is, this will effect China’s economy

  20. there's no mention of blockading China's access to their imports of oil? The US and its allies would surely blockade key sea trade routes thereby denying China's access to large portion of their oil. Also, where is the mention of drones? and more specifically drone swarms? those are DARPA testing questions I hear so in a. few years perhaps they are more acknowledged ? Also, if a shooting war were to happen, other experts have said that targeting your enemies satellites would give you a significant tactical advantage. Granted, once the US shoots down a Chinese military satellite, the Chinese will respond in kind. ( perhaps, the Pentagon knows this and has a contingency plan to activate once this happens? ) I would also include the X47 autonomous drone the US has. Nobody knows much about it and its purpose but common sense would say it would have some sort of military application ( for example–the ability to shoot down enemy satellites? which the Chinese would find extremely difficult to target and destroy an X47 in space ). I'm not a military expert by any means and everything I have just said is in part taken from reading and watching military experts and veterans viewpoints.

  21. a better study was run lasted months and China lost. All sides lost heavily but the goal of taking Taiwan was a failure.

  22. There will always be arguments about rules and methods for any wargame simulation. Including rulings by the judges of the game.
    Japan wargamed the midway operation. One player put the us carriers very close to where they actualy deployed before the battle of midway. The referees did not allow the placement of us cafriers in the game said it was unrealistic

  23. if china is building 10 new warship a year, they still miss few years to be able to keep away tha american fleet. Space war will be decisive for communications, and missiles targeting capacity. The will experience the first internet blackout.

  24. as Every sea invasion, whithout air supramacy china won't be able to invade anything, they are still away to build an airforce able to do that, on the drone side, i'm quite they are already dominant.

  25. a warning nuke might trigger a full scale nuclear strike from the US: unlike with Russia, it may be possible to neutralize China's retaliation capabilities. the US wouldn't really be able to simply back down and go home so it'd be a tough situation. continue business as usual and risk getting nuked? back off and surrender to all nuclear threats moving forward? full scale first strike in an attempt to disable China's ability to retaliate?

  26. Sooo, they’re assuming china will behave like and make all the same mistakes as Japan did in 1940… this is our best? Jesus

  27. Zero chance China establishes a beach head that quickly.

  28. This interesting, over all many death and US might loose the minute it start the war

  29. There is NO WAY that they would ever strike Okinawa, That is such a ridiculous play: the PRC would never do that. Takeaway: MIC begs public for escalatory buildup & China encirclement bloc.

  30. All your “experts” failed to recognize that NATO is now involved since Hawaii was attacked

  31. No one will remember your name but they won't remember how you made them feel brigadier level

  32. No plan of operations reaches with any certainty beyond the first encounter with the enemy's main force- Helmuth von Moltke

  33. Completely ridiculous, are there adults there 😊

  34. These war games was done by people that dont know what their talking about next time have real generals conducting these war games

  35. Sounds familiar … Almost as if this coming era has been prophesied

  36. Who the he** trusts ANYTHING NBC's propaganda mill churns out.

  37. This was very interesting. The only thing I didn't like was the word "nukuler" in place of "nuclear".

  38. Did they mention that US have 11 aircraft carrier? Each of them are loaded with jets and missiles and escorted with battleships and subs.

  39. Before all that the US Congress will vote if United States will send troops in Taiwan if they vote no then Taiwan is on their own.

  40. Although not discussed, Russia's Air Wing and Pacific Navy would likely come to the Chinese to help somehow. Also, the Chinese will likely not accept failure; thus, they will treat Taiwan and its allies with nuclear weapons at some point to try to turn the effort in their favor. Seriously, how can we discuss victory – for sure, all scenarios lead to WW III.

  41. This kind of games is too simple. What we need to do is using computer to models or simulations thousands or millions of scenarios like what the AlphaGo game was played against world champion, Lee Sedol, and Alpha Zero played against AlphaGo. Human war games like this is too simple.

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