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War Games | Trailer | Available Now

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Tensions between China and the United States over Taiwan are the highest since the 1970s. With President Xi Jinping publicly warning he will take Taiwan by force if necessary, military strategists are now war gaming just what such an act of aggression would mean for the Pacific and Australia.

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ABC Australia – Ref. 8413


  1. The sad thing is that We don't even know what China have. What technology.Peace to the world.

  2. The last lady looks possessed wide eyed nose flared she reminds me of Anne frank

  3. The usual biased pro western hit piece from this channel. Their propaganda is becoming more obvious.

  4. There is nothing more absurd,stupid and nonsense than war and military.

  5. As former US president Ronald Reagan wisely pointed out: "You maintain the peace through strength; weakness only invites aggression."

  6. You show Victor Gao, but don't provide a trigger warning? Tut, tut!

  7. No one has threatened China, by force or otherwise. The US has only pledged to protect the Republic of China. Does China see opposition as a threat?

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