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War Games W.O.P.R – Missile Launch Codes

Unexpected Maker
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I came up with this project over a year ago, and I’ve finally gotten *almost* all of the pieces together for the build… No, I didn’t make a “War Games” Game… nor did I build the W.O.P.R computer… so what is it?

W.O.P.R. kit is available to purchase!

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  1. I haven’t seen it in years. Am going to have to rewatch it now!

  2. No one likes watching code reviews in videos? Personally I do like a good explanation rather than wasting time on reverse engineering other people's way of thinking (e.g. why it was implemented the way it was, etc). Nice project! Fun fact: I totally forgot War Games (shame on me) and when I saw the video title I thought "war games"?? WTH Seon is up to?!

  3. Why don't you just 3D print new buttons?

  4. Awesome Seaon. With these displays, sound and the TinyPico one does not need to limit the usage to this W.O.P.R.-film I was thinking this may have a wider use and in that way broaden the TinyPico echo-system with other applications, like clocks, GPS, etc — I mean the combination TinyPico, displays, and sound this board is really pretty generic. Just my 5 cents.

  5. [Shameless plug for my own kit follows – you are warned] You really want something more than a big button to start the sequence. Can I recommend your own IMSAI 8080 replica https://thehighnibble.com/imsai8080/ from @TheHighNibble (another Aussie maker) where you could use the built-in AT modem over WiFi/telnet to connect to the TinyPICO to hack the W.O.P.R and start the sequence. The replica currently uses the ESP32 Pico Kit, I'd consider changing to the TinyPICO but last time I checked I need more pin-outs than it currently offers.

  6. A joy to watch Seon! I wonder how many people are going to go and rewatch the movie now. You are making me feel that a laser cutter might be a good addition to my toolbox.

  7. This would be good as a desk top password generator… as long as you could show special characters etc.
    Also TechMoan might like this as his home wifi is called W.O.P.R. 🤓🤘

  8. Not seen the film in years, must try and find a copy to watch again. Started work on a sunlight readable sub counter (found the LEDs in an old work project box), just need to find a cooling method for the LED displays if i want to run full power on them. years ago we made a radio control panel for a cockpit using them, worked great except you had to wear gloves to touch the panel it go so hot. No problem for the pilot as they normally where gloves anyway.

  9. Did the 3D printed part fit on your Prusa? Or are did you use another printer for that?

  10. You need to attach a Nerf gun and fire it at the end…

    Edit: I would add an alam function – instead of a boring beep I would trigger the launch sequence – sure to get me up in the morning!

  11. I'd totally buy one…I've been inside Cheyenne Mountain too…twice!

  12. YOU HAVE IT CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET??????????????????????😮😮💥
    WE ARE DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😆
    What is its URL? I want to play……👍

  13. If you're going to put that up on Tindie, you might want to correct that spelling mistake on the back…

  14. Wow! What a cool project. I'd definitely purchase a kit.

  15. That's a gorgeously polished looking piece 😀
    Now 3D print some buttons! You could even cap them with the cutout acrylic disks from the holes so the buttons are "stealthed" 😛

  16. " How Cool Does That Look ? "…Very… I'm always interested in seeing the code, think I'm gonna watch the movie this weekend, aint seen it…cheers!

  17. love the cb 🙂 – NEED one

    would love a wopr project

  18. Great project but it's needs the synthesized voice saying "The best move is not to play".

  19. Very Cool. I’ve never attempted smd soldering, but if this kit becomes available on Tindie, I will.

  20. So I am guessing this was done in micropython? If so, maybe a look at the code might not be too bad. Even if it is done in C/C++, a quick glance specifically at the randomization sequence could be cool. Next, to add some additional user interaction for when it hits DEFCON 1 and prepares to launch. If the user isn't quick enough to start the decode to disarm the system, all holy nerf hell is let loose upon the poor soul.

  21. Excellent project! So cool! I would enjoy this kit. [waits, patiently]

  22. I would like to play a game……… yes, I will buy a wopr kit.

  23. I would be interested in purchasing a kit as well

  24. one more thumb and view added 🙂 nice project Seon !

  25. Looks really good, maybe a Alarm clock mode?

  26. would love to see the code and a kit. Your finish skills (3d printing cut acrylic really make this project standout.

  27. I'd piss on a spark plug if I thought it'd do any good!….(my own way of saying I want one!)

  28. This is amazing. Great work. I would absolutely love a kit to build (or pre assembled) to buy. Please let me know as soon as they are available. Keep up the good work.

  29. Brilliant! After "Launching…" it should display " have a nice day" what do you think?

  30. Hi Seon – Congratulations mate on building such an amazing project!

  31. Wow! What a fantastic build! Funny I didn't see this before. I've been working on my own version for a while as well and it's finally scene-ready. I just uploaded a video. Keep making great projects and tutorials! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQfJMQOnVYA

  32. I would love to build one of your kits for this,, One of my wifi networks is named W.O.P.R. loved the movie and seen it many times. actually went to a corporate release viewing of the movie in our city when it came out.

  33. Very Nice Design Setup..I will Gave a Few People your Link..!!..

  34. Awesome project and project completion. I need your skill in taking an idea all the way to completion. Now I have to watch the movie again 🙂

  35. I was somewhat of a young lad when WAR GAMES was released.



    At that age, I was able to enjoy the movie, and was somewhat hypnotized by the potentiality of the computer world. It left me thirsting for more knowledge of computing, but at that time, in my location, being my age, I could only find access to highly limited knowledge. I likely wouldn't enjoy the movie as much today as I did then, but it was a wonderful movie to have seen during that time.

    The only problem I really had with the movie, was the way W.O.P.R. was somehow able to discover the launching codes one alphanumeric character at a time. If you have a code consisting of a string of alphanumeric characters, is there really a way for it to be cracked by a computer system executing code specifically designed to crack access codes, in such a manner, that it can crack the code one alphanumeric character at a time, and continue the process until it has cracked each character in the entire string . . . . or must it crack the code all at once??? Various forms of brute force attacks are all or nothing, same with dictionary attacks, and different forms of phishing attacks, credential stuffing, mask attacks, malware, man in the middle, various forms of social engineering, and key loggers are all at once or nothing. So then, is there any existing method capable of cracking a code consisting of a string of alphanumeric characters one character at a time? If I am incorrect in my assumption that this is not currently possible, and one of the listed methods has such a capability, or if some other method can crack a code one character at a time, please enlighten me, save me by lifting me up out of my own ignorance, so that I will not drown.

    I have always assumed that it was one of those aspects of cinema where either the writer, director, editor, continuity supervisor, or whoever else may be responsible for such aspects, were merely ignorant that such behavior was not realistic, let alone possible, or did they just decide that the average viewer would know no better, and for everyone else, they could just temporary suspend their system of belief . . . or was it I who made an incorrect assumption regarding the cracking of launch codes??? If there is any method a computer could utilize to crack a code one alphanumeric character at a time, then please educate me.

    Regardless, it remains a decent film today . . . . especially if it so happens to inspire people such as Unexpected Maker to create something, such as the W.O.P.R. Missile Launch Code Display Kit. It transcends the state of being merely a decent film based upon its entertainment merit, by also serving as a source of inspiration for some. Great job in completing your creation, and even more praise for sharing your creation with others.

    ❞𝑷𝒖𝒕 𝑿 𝒊𝒏 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒄𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒓 𝒔𝒒𝒖𝒂𝒓𝒆.❞




  36. Saw a post for this project at the Cyberdeck Cafe Discord server. Signed up to be notified when these are back in stock. I'm actually doing my own (not for sale) War Games project, so I was excited to see yours! How fun! War Games was such an iconic film! I don't know if I like War Games more or Real Genius. Both great flicks!

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