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War Games with Jim and Eugene | Brain Games

National Geographic
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We set up a game of war to find out if we could affect the way people bet simply by toying with their senses of imagination.
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War Games with Jim and Eugene | Brain Games

National Geographic


  1. Today is August 21, 2023 and I'm watching this video

  2. i would not fall on a point as this !!!!
    looks can de deceiving LOL

  3. as an ex croupier do not play this game at a casino the absolute worst odds

  4. I would stick with the minimum either way. My reasoning is that I enjoy the game and the lower I bet, the longer the money will hold out between us both, so the longer the game will last. I'd probably only start betting high if I got bored. XD

    If I actually had to focus on winning the money, my opponent would have nothing to do with it – I'd start off with the minimum and keep track of how often each of us have won. Since probability states that we would both win the same number of times, then I figure my best chances will be when he has won multiple times in a row. But that's really weak and unreliable reasoning. It's really just chance, which is why I'd be much more inclined to just enjoy the game and not worry about it. 🙂

  5. Where do you find these people, none of them have any sense of tactical thinking. First you bet 1 then next round you bet 5 then next round you bet 10 and whenever you win start from a 1 again that way you cover your losses most of the time and slowly win the game.

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