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War is NOT Fun

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But under the right circumstances and as long as it’s in a video game… Kinda fun. Hell Let Loose is a World War II… experience?
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  1. "Get outta here, ya German Bastard"
    Smii7 about to lose some viewers.

  2. Something about Flom yelling “DUUUUDDE!” will never fail to make me laugh

  3. btw that was a Russian accent because you said Zat but Germans say Dat. I'm not trying to be rude so.

  4. When smii7y said " Ya German bastard" I took that very personally

  5. Mögen die deutsch die Kommentare übernehmen

  6. That song was very good.
    Can I join you in any type of game?

  7. OMG! If you did this during their alpha or beta tests, nobody would take this game seriously…
    Thank you for letting me have a little bit of HLL fun 😂 😉

  8. I love the community of this game, just some brit trying to do a german accent or an american doing the most perfect german accent ever

  9. Hot dog 7 is the most American designation ever.

  10. bro i watched this video 3 days ago and i am still getting ads for war thunder in german


  12. I wish they would so more of this and make more videos on this game this was funny af

  13. I can’t to see my wife and kids” gets mowed down

  14. That hanging story is a certified army moment

  15. The content is never ending in this game, like the gore combined with prox mics are pure gold

  16. SMii7Y laughing his ass of every single time his teammates get annihilated by arty, is hilarious 😂

  17. 7:46 man only if you had a MG-42 instead of a kar-98k, that would of been a great ambush spot for awhile.

  18. I would love to game with you guys. That would be so fun.

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