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War robots – superchest opening #shorts

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  1. I never opened it :(even if i would get silver

  2. Bruh why did you have a Cossack with an igniter???

  3. Just upgraded my Typhon to mk3 but I don't know if it goes higher as I kill most that come across my path. I like your build for him though

  4. Bro I open 1000 chests and get like 1 silver

  5. Oe a mí me an salido como 30 de esos pilotos legendarios,los vendí solo dos no vendí ya que no son de un robot específico

  6. Oh god blast from the past. I remember the days when WR looked like this. Amazing to see how far the game has come in just a few short years!! And btw well done on the Typhon, they still perform well today

  7. wird nur noch gecheatet in dem game … Hacks ohne ende sind viele alt Spieler gegangen wegen dem ganzen Wallhacks und co

  8. Just spend a little money on this game and u could get alot

  9. yo tenia war rocboc pero mi ermano me lo voro


  11. The first time I got it I got a techno scorpion and the second time I got another techno scorpion

  12. Хз тифон кал даже моя Немезида на изи бьёт их да и твой тифона даже не огранич серии

  13. Never seen someone opening Superchest in my entire Life😮

  14. I have one but i dont have any good guns so it kinda is not that powerful

    Can anyone tell me a good set?

  15. Bro he have crossac with atomizer 💀☠️

  16. I love this song!! And i love war robots u got a new sub!!

  17. Banger nostalgia roblox tycoon music🔥🔥🔥🔥🐐🤑🤑🤑

  18. I never opened super chest since I waste my keys on the silver chest 😞

  19. In the year 2027 The super chest will be buffed with Deleted robots and 100K Golds XD A Joke 😀

  20. Superchest or superwallet..ahh same name..

  21. Dude your acting like Ivory ravana< Typhoon

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