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WAR Simulator in Roblox

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We play the most realistic WAR simulator in Roblox!

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  1. sorry I'm better I have rebirths 😅

  2. I what to know the name of the game I know is in Roblox help me find it

  3. 🤚been watching him since 1953

  4. I need to know the name of the game bc Im so far and i dont rem the name o loved the game before and wanna play it again

  5. if you want to know how long it took me to make it to future it took 4 days

  6. The name of the game is in title of the video

  7. ✋️✋️✋️✋️✋️✋️✋️✋️✋️✋️✋️✋️✋️

  8. SSundee's taking down my team 😂😂 good video

  9. I hope ssundee know that he can go to different eras

    BTW I play the game

  10. Why isn’t nico your friend in the game 😂😂😭😭

  11. 0:49 He literally got distracted from apologizing that he got distracted…

  12. Ssundee, the boss isn’t the guys with the Gatling guns it’s the tank

  13. OMG IVE BEEN PLAYING THIS GAME FOR 1 YEAR, I never knew that SSUNDEE would play!

  14. I have played this game before, it is pretty fun

  15. Ian wants to get flamethrower and ends up to not getting it

  16. I play this game and its honestly fun to just run around and shoot people

  17. what game is this but i have watch ever video

  18. it would be nice to have more bedwars vids.Those were my favorites,good vid though,keep it up

  19. The first time I played this game was 622 days ago

  20. I love ur videos
    +new SUSYscriber
    Btw no pun intended

  21. He said he would get the flamethrower but he didn’t😒

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