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War Thunder – “Victory is Ours” Live Action Trailer

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Take a look at this live action trailer for War Thunder titled “Victory is Ours” which commemorates the heroism of all the participants of the Great Patriotic War.

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  1. I was watching this whole time thinking this is a movie liveshow just to find out that its actually game trailer

  2. 2:26 the way he turned back was so badass, it was like he was saying “now its my turn you nazi c**k sucker!

  3. if you want war thunder soldier mode, play enlisted (you can also have tanks in Enlisted but good luck using tanks)

  4. WT and Enlisted its cloaca! BF 1942 (2002)just perfect in comparison with this

  5. this is so well done i thought it was animated!

  6. People shoud try recreating this trailer with better quality of resolution. I think it would explode.

  7. Наверное самый лучший клип,что я видел

  8. I was impressed by the pilot. and I remembered how my old slender teacher of Soviet hardening. In the 90s, she told me that he was an ace pilot, he crashed many airplanes with a feather, he used a ram and survived. He flew with two prostheses for the place of his legs. and in my opinion he destroyed a bunch of planes. survived several times. I don't remember exactly who.

  9. I like how all that follow up and scene lead back to the man throwing grenades

  10. Аж слезу вышибает

  11. It looks great but like half the fires and rubble are blue tinted

  12. It is interesting to compare Russian comments with English ones. If in the comments in English they write about the realism of the video and the realism of the game, then the Russians write about their dead relatives. However, the twenty-seven million dead and the war of extermination had a profound effect on the inhabitants of the republics of the former USSR.

  13. I can’t stop I keep coming back I’ve watched this like 4 times this weekend

  14. just saw this, thought it was made this year for some event. 2014…wow

  15. es la primera vez que veo este trailer mierda pensé que solo a mi me había conmovido 🥺 hasta que me puse a leer los comentarios, es simplemente increíble 🙌

  16. God this is so unbelievable every time I watch it.

  17. Masha'Allah ❤️ Long Live Mother… Beautiful Music Not Understand A, Word But Still Very Enjoyable.. Im From Terrorist Britain 🇬🇧

  18. не, у Пламенева вышло лучше.

  19. I really thought this was a movie because of its quality

  20. If only they could put this much effort and money into fixing there game. Good video tho.

  21. this describes warthunder matches though

  22. Долой кремлевскую синагогу! Да возродится, преданный врагами, СССР!!!

  23. this trailer Gives me a little bit of tears , now when i play ussr and my plane is critically damaged and i know i wont make it back to base i will try my best to stay as long as possible in the air so i can still drop the last bombs i have in my bay FOR THE MOTHERLAND

  24. 6 years old and still the best trailer for any game I've ever seen.

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