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War Thunder – “Victory is Ours” Live Action Trailer

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Take a look at this live action trailer for War Thunder titled “Victory is Ours” which commemorates the heroism of all the participants of the Great Patriotic War.

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  1. Since all trailers were allies wrecking axis, then we surely need a trailer that will show the axis winning. It's a shame of how the axis, especially german army, the Wehrmacht is portrayed. Most of the Wehrmacht sodiers had no idea of what the true nazis (SS and similar groups) have ever done. The inhuman behavior occured with every army during WW2. It's BS to throw it all at germany. Sure many nazis were inhuman, but that doesn't mean that all soldiers were.

  2. Did you see any German faces in this trailer? No, no you didn’t. Russian bias confirmed.

  3. such a nice game , cant wait for it to come out

  4. это больше бы подходило енлистеду

  5. Kids : Plays with soldier's action figure
    Parents : Aww

    What kids imagine :

  6. The craziest part is that one day, in our lifetimes (though it'll definitely be a while yet), a VR game will come out that looks just as epic as this. Can't wait to be traumatized! 😀

  7. Still one of the best trailers of all time if not the best.

  8. Coming back in 2021, so 7 years after the release of this video trailer, I can confirm that this is still the best video game trailer ever.

  9. 알아요
    소련반 대한민국 땅이란거

  10. 러시아보다 소련이 더좋트라

  11. 몇년만에 다시 보러왔는데… 여전히 존나 쩐다.

  12. Молодые американцы и европейцы, думают что их страны победили фашизм.
    Молодые японцы думают что бомбы на Хиросиму и Нагасаки сбросили Русские…
    Мир давно сошёл с ума…

  13. im going to uninstall this shitty piece of game, hope it feels good.

  14. Самое странное, что в вартандере только за технику играешь

  15. This has to be the best trailer for a game I've
    ever seen

  16. Remebe lads…..

    "You got a hole in your right wing!"

  17. She is a very good singer. I fell in love with her voice. Russian too… just amazing

  18. in reality

    screaming as your sherman is surrounded by R3-T20's

  19. Слышал от знакомого, который показал этот трейлер деду-фронтовику: Внучек, ты мне это больше не показывай!
    Хорошо вышло.

  20. I have a question if this is made in 2014 why is the ssong made in 2018

  21. 2:00

    Nailing this moment is the highlight of every War Thunder pilot

  22. Слава тем кто засчищал землю русскую

  23. I actually thought when I saw this that it was real until I saw that tiger 1 but I got goosebumps watching this legendary.

  24. The trailer was so good my parents thought it was for an upcoming movie

  25. So much more acurate for the l enlisted then war thunder and I find that funny

  26. this was made 7 years ago, and this is better then any bullshit drama series. the quality of it is astonishing, the lady singing in the background as it shades others stories that happen in the same time. I’ve watched this countless times and am still amazed every time.

  27. I was watching this whole time thinking this is a movie liveshow just to find out that its actually game trailer

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