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WarGames (1/11) Movie CLIP – Asexual Reproduction (1983) HD

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WarGames movie clips:

David (Matthew Broderick) insults his condescending teacher in front of the whole class.

Once more, a wise-guy teenager tries to prove he’s smarter than any adult-and nearly destroys the whole world in the process-in Wargames. Computer-game aficionado Matthew Broderick inadverently taps into a hush-hush Pentagon computer, then proceeds to inaugurate his favorite game, “Global Thermonuclear War”. What we know, but Broderick doesn’t, is that the Pentagon, hoping to eliminate the chancy “human element” in the event of an actual war, has given its computer total, irreversable control over the launching of nuclear weaponry. Broderick and government official Dabney Coleman race against time to reverse the computer’s resolve to send bombers to Russia. Wargames scored a hit, especially with teenage filmgoers.

TM & © MGM (1983)
Cast: Alan Blumenfeld, Matthew Broderick, Ally Sheedy
Director: John Badham
Producers: Richard Hashimoto, Harold Schneider, Bruce McNall, Leonard Goldberg
Screenwriters: Lawrence Lasker, Walter F. Parkes, Walon Green

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  1. Who’s here from reading ready player one

  2. My parents having good tastes brought here.

  3. That jackass teacher should've laughed! That was hilarious!

  4. One of the best scenes in a great movie that you watch over and over again

  5. My first joke ever was when we were discussing fruit production in the United States and the teacher asked where do 90% of the lemons come from in the United States and I answered Detroit

  6. You can hear the film crew laughing at his joke!

  7. The filming crew wasn't told what the line was and they laughed out loud. You can hear them in the background. Clearly not kids laughing.

  8. When I was in high school, I took Biology I, and my teacher asked me what a catalyst was. I replied someone that hauls cattle LOL.

  9. A P P L Y C O L D W A T E R T O B U R N E D A R E A

  10. If I had this kind of teacher, classmates, and the American school system, I would have gotten an "A" in biology. But I had to go to West Humber Collegiate in Toronto Ontario!!!

  11. 2 reasons he did this First was to get purposely sent to the principles office so he could get the school computers pass word (he knew were they kept it).Second was to get back at the teacher for publicly showing his grade in front of the whole class ! Brilliant!

  12. Anybody watching in Realtime..
    Movie is on now..
    But if there are thoughts of how eerily certain dialogues from the movie are related current events that actually have occurred. Dabney Coleman sayin machines don't call pple.. Really Now.?? How odd.. Robocalls anyone..?? Failsafe programs.. Yeah Ok 👌 on that one.. 👉(SMH) in disbelief.. Computer mainframe tampering.. Just another gem of illegal use of software.. List goes on & on.. Butna Great Movie From the Earlier Yrs Of Tech Geek Stuff..👉👀😊🙏💯💯💯💯💯

  13. It think it’s kind of weird he uses salacious

  14. Ally Sheedy and the way she said 'thank you' after getting her F paper back. Charming. Loved her in this as a kid (with the exception of maybe one silly line written for her character)

  15. "Alright Lightman…"

    And I love how David just went for it and divulged what he said. Great moment in a film with a million great moments.

  16. That teacher is a jackass. He totally deserved that.

  17. Hmm why kids like david so smart with computers and hacking but fail in school. But how he get all that stuff then again his parents must have gotten on the path.

  18. He's the guy from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

  19. SomeOneUppingDude Technically copyrighted says:

    This looks so much 1983 high school class lol

  20. Wow I miss high school.. I can remember all those years ago being the smartass always getting kicked out of class..

  21. Ur wife.. .he had it coming ☺️☺️👍

  22. is this movie worth to watch?
    btw i like the "the breakfast club" movie

  23. I wonder if naming the character Lightman was meant to be deliberately symbolic — as in he brings / brought light or was lightweight? He certainly shed light on what to do to solve the problem of the computer treating the game as real and wanting real war.

  24. he is a terrible teacher
    — he humilates students in front of the class
    — he is sarcastic to the students
    — he puts down for not knowing stuff
    etc etc
    good movie though

  25. "Nitrogen nodules" do not cling to the roots of plants, as they are part if the root. And that's not what they are called (or at least should be called).
    Why do hands cling to your body ?
    Now what do they do, that is a valid question.

  26. I got a laugh at an inter-school conference. We were discussing religion, and somebody asked what the Christian word was for using religion to make money to which I said ‘Catholicism.’ I then noticed the local Catholic school was in the room as well…

  27. As a high school teacher, I can confirm that this joke is funny as hell.

  28. Ally sheedy the girl of my dreams back in the 80's!!!

  29. Is the student he called on as Lightman entered the room named “Broderick”?

  30. Perfectly built up, perfectly delivered. 😀 Such a great movie!

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