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WarGames (1983) – Dr. Stephen Falken – John Wood [May Contain Spoilers]

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Unease at the stairs.

Director: John Badham

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  1. "Maybe the bees…" Heh, about those bees now, Professor Falken.

  2. Saw this movie yesterday, what Falken describes, is pretty much where we're going with the actual state of the world…

  3. You actually can win at tic-tac-toe. It all depends on the first and second moves. X and O would have to put the marks in one of the corners to win. Otherwise, it will be a draw. I guess Falken didn't figure that out..

  4. Man, for someone who claims to love nature, he certainly leaves a fuck tonne of lights on in that house.

  5. Now I feel safe!!!!????…question…how about a nice game of chess…

  6. just happens to have a film projector and pull down screen in his living room

  7. What film are they watching? Looks like lots of cool footage of stop-motion and puppetry dinosaur VFX. I want a cut of the languishing boiling drowning dinosaur @ 2:09. But what is that film/footage the professor is showing? I wish I knew that! hehehehehe

  8. Joshua may not be able to win tic-tac-toe, but it also may learn, from us, how to cheat.
    ps:the audiobook was good also

  9. everyone, every child, every student, nurse, mother, father, rich, poor, homeless or not every, living soul in every country should see this film and this scene this conversation is one of the most powerful meaningful, for all eras, all lands. our idiot president can learn from this…and all those people who want to build bombs and walls, rather than books and brains.

  10. 0:49 to 0:54 that line always made me laugh to suggest that sentient human beings were, smart little rodents hiding in rocks, we weren't 'even apes yet' is beyond the pale of ridiculous, outrageous and absurd, typical leftist garbage junk science, born of self-loathing and dead-end thinking

    we were never rodents and/or apes….ever wonder why no 'missing link' has ever been found? not that leftist idiots didn't try time and again, only to have their 'found missing link apes' removed from museums after more studying of the specimens… 'java man' and 'lucy' are prime examples of FAILED attempts to link humans with apes that we 'evolved' from

    we are a separate species….here endeth the lesson

  11. A millisecond of brilliant light, and we’re vaporized. Much more fortunate than the millions who wander sightless through the smoldering aftermath. We’ll be spared the horror of survival.

  12. A chilling scene, esp. when
    He's walking up the stairs…

    But Ally Sheedy…Girl was 🔥!!!

  13. Dr. Falken, millions are going to die and YOU'RE GIVING US A HISTORY LESSON ABOUT THE JURASSIC PERIOD!!!

  14. problem is ..it makes him more dangerous if everyone around him disappear….the poor kids gonna be slave to him, but what i know…i like evil doctors who have ideas on making world better place to lived

  15. This scene has been in my mind a lot in recent days.

  16. Ally Sheedy sure was a beautiful young woman.

  17. They both at fault. Falken started the computer program and David broke in and started nuclear war, poor jennifer just wants to live.

  18. Sleep on the floor. Lol maybe the sofa be nicer then he gets a change of heart and whips out the helicopter.

  19. Death came because of sin, through Adam. Jesus came to save us.

  20. "But humanity planning its own destruction….that a phone call won't stop"

  21. I can understand his point of view after dealing with all the crap that happened this year.

  22. I remember watching this movie as a kid. Even then, I knew that there was something important that David was trying to make Falken understand. As an adult, this is, by far, the most poignant part of the film. Wood is brilliant in this scene.

  23. Seeing this movie and being exposed to these problems as a kid really shaped my life. What a great movie.

  24. As a kid you always thought it was an interesting teen age angst movie. Looking back this was beyond brilliant. AI, the internet, ethics, etc…. so many layers and ahead of it's time.

  25. The actor John Wood would have made a great Dr Who.

  26. Having found out the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs had to assure China we weren’t falling apart in January makes me a bit concerned how close we came to Falkens nightmare


  28. And then "WITHOUT YOU " BY MOTLEY CRUE .

  29. As a kid i watched this…as a 40 something…I WANT HIS HOUSE!
    That is some Timber kings level housing!

  30. This is why I think after the dust settled David was pretty much recruited/drafted to work with NORAD to prevent another situation like what happened again. He showed pure determination to fix what he had inadvertently started when he hadn't really stuck to anything before, besides breaking into the school's system to fix his grades. Falken was impressed with David's passion and would have put in a good word. Esp as more than likely Mckitrick was the one who got the blame, with how much he rushed getting WOPR put in and fully functional with NORAD's systems. David did break laws breaking into NORAD's servers, but in doing so he revealed the flaws in the system. He didn't cause them.

  31. “What kind of asshole lives on an island but doesn’t have a boat?”

  32. Was this guy ever considered for Dr Who? He suits the role to a T.

  33. Sounds like Professor Falken wasn’t aware of the K-Pg event

  34. The problem with the tic tac toe metaphor is there is a way to win.

  35. Falken is such an introguing character, and Wood plays it in a majestic way… too bad they gave him quite little screentime. Wish they made a sequel of this film when we see him possibly improving his whole Joshua NORAD computer to solve the problems it caused it the first film's crisis collaborating with David – the latter that was supposed to do the same thing in the original script but as an assistent of McKittrick at the end of the film.

  36. Falken is an absurdly fatalistic lunatic- his despondency over his son’s death has turned him into a genocidal anarcho-primitivist. We’re not nature: we rise above its brutality. We live in the most peaceful and prosperous times in human history. People like Falken have no place in the future of humanity. They will be annihilated or forgotten like a relic. Either is acceptable.

  37. John Lennon was actually considered for this role, and was receptive to playing Falken. I really can see him having played it.

  38. I think here, in late February 2022, nature might finally just give up. A pity. I was hoping to finish up Better Call Saul this year.

  39. It's in your nature to destroy yourselves❗
    Terminator 2 (T-800)

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