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WarGames 1983 * FIRST TIME WATCHING * reaction & commentary

Ashleigh Burton
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  1. Sidenote: I hope Titleline! becomes this channels version of Roll Credits, DING!

  2. Another really great "Kid vs. Our Governments Nuclear Missiles" is AMAZING GRACE and CHUCK. With Jaime Lee Curtis, Alex English, Robert Mitchem and I forget the Little League Baseball Pitchers name. Warning…bring PLENTY kleenex .

  3. Just saying that green eyeshadow works for you very well, plus the lil wings 🥹

  4. Ugh….If you're talking , you're not listening! You're missing a lot. Every 5 secs……

  5. I would highly recommend watching the DVD director commentary. Can that make it to poll?

  6. pauses video
    You haven't heard the name Dabney?
    You're a millennial who doesn't know Malcolm in the Middle?


  7. Been a while since I have seen this film — just realized the actor who played Principal Strickland in Back To The Future was in the NORAD station — now if he'd called out Matthew Broderick: "You're a hacker!!"

  8. The guy with the bad tie(Dabney Coleman) played the hostile director in Tootsie and sleazy boss in 9 t0 5. Matthew Broderick played an excellent role in Torch Song Trilogy and in the musical The Producers. Ally Sheedy gets praise for both High Art and Only the Lonely with John Candy. I saw this in theaters back in the day and the reel burned and had to wait for a new canister to finish the film!

  9. Yes, you could call a phone booth – they had numbers just like every other phone

    the phone book was local – you couldn't look up everybody just all the customers in your city

    Phone companies had a monopoly on phone service in every town like electricity suppliers do today so they would know who was a customer and who wasn't and they published and distributed books every year – if you didn't know someone's phone number you could look it up but had to have the book for the town where they lived or you could call information (like David did in war games) – if you didn't want people harassing you then you had the option to get an "unlisted number" that would work like any other but would not be published in the phone book

  10. I graduated HS in 80. In my computer science class we were still programming using punch cards. We did have a 300 baud modem that we used to connect to a "super computer" in Phila and played the lamest game of Star Trek ever devised. Kind of like Battleship but with less excitement and strategy. How slow was 300 baud you ask???… For those that remember dialing into AOL, Prodigy or a local BBS with a 56k modem… you were 168x faster. By the 90's we had cable modems and then FIOS. The strangest thing was that I chose computer science classes over typewriting because I actually thought typing would be a thing of the past within a couple years. I thought we'd be dictating instructions to computers by mid 80s. Decades later… still typing!!!

  11. LOL, I grew up in the 80s, trust me when I say that if I were not home by dinner my parents would have had everyone looking for me. Actually even in the 80s our parents loved us, made sure we did our homework and kept us safe. Its just that it was much easier to be safe back then.

  12. I asked him did you know that we got 45000 Russians wanna kill us coming through that door and 83% of the time they won't launch their missiles?
    Yeah Yeah Yeah

  13. John Badham is an underrated director – and he managed to complete both THIS film and Blue Thunder (another fave) in the same year.

  14. New year on St Patrick's Day, "Waking Ned Devine"

  15. Just to note, in real life there was something similar to this. A training tape was left running by accident and it simulated a Russian attack, NORAD thought that the bird had gone uo for real.

  16. The Jeep crash was actually an accident.

  17. In grades 8 & 9 at my school we had half years inHome Ec and a half year of idustrial arts. Grade 8 girls did cooking and sewing grade 9, grade 8 bows did sewing and cooking in grade 9. The boys did sewibg fiest so they would "have aprons" for tge cooking classes.
    Grades 10-12 I took cooking classes as well. Solid A average.

  18. Great video. I just subscribed to your channel. Did you know there’s a sequel to this movie? I think it came out in 2007, it’s called Wargames-The dead code
    Would be cool to see a reaction/commentary video on it

  19. That WAS moped. The thing Sarah Connor was riding was a scooter.

  20. Smash my skull in with my grandma's china set. says:

    If I had a nickel for everytime Matthew Broderick hacked a school computer to change his stuff, I'd only have two nickels but is weird that it happened twice.

  21. You really should watch the "Last Week Tonight" episode regarding nuclear weapons. What you said at the beginning about the "old ass computers" is mentioned.

  22. I'm pretty sure nuclear bomb sites still look that ancient. No internet, no hacking, no nonsense. It's just safer.

  23. Saw this in college in the Bay Area. So much about this thing drove me insane because if you know anything at all about technology, a ton of details made no damned sense at all. We'll ignore the fact that the area code he was dialing was wrong for that area. But just two glaring things.

    The first time he gets spooked, he hangs up the phone, then sits back and looks at the countdown continuing on his screen. His screen was nothing but a dumb terminal, dumber than an extra monitor you'd buy today. If he hung up, what is driving the display and the countdown??

    A bit more subtle but equally stupid: WOPR had to figure out a long launch code. Let's say it's ten characters (don't recall of it's letters and numbers or just numbers). Let's assume numbers and letters. That means it has to try a maximum of 36^10 (some big ass number) possible combinations, which would take years, especially if it really displayed every guess. But WOPR can figure out one character at a time. Each character has only 36 values. That means it would take only 360 tries, at most, to find the answer. It sat there for minutes trying to find the last character. BUT IT HAD ONLY 36 POSSIBLE ANSWERS TO TRY!! My dog could find that answer faster.

    There's more, but you get the point

  24. 9:00 — Yes.. This was what was called "war-dialing" — And you'd be surprised how many places it could get you into today.. Company as big as YouTube or Facebook has THOUSANDS of phone numbers.. — You get the area code and prefixes for where the building is located and just start dialing by the ones .

  25. 12:24 — Something VERY similar did happen once.. We almost went to war because someone loaded a simulation and the people looking at the screens DIDN'T KNOW it was a simulation. Or at least, that's the official story.. Personally, I think what we see in the movie is closer to the truth..

  26. You missed the obvious "Get to the Choppa" joke…. 🙁

  27. 16:00 "galavantin' " I hadn't heard that word in ages. Thank you for bringing it back.

  28. Actually that is a moped there in the beginning of the movie. That's what mopeds look like in the 80s.

  29. boonedock saints is a great st.paddy day movie

  30. Ashleigh… it’s actually worse than you know.

    After the movie, then POTUS Ronald Regan screened the movie at the White House, and asked if the movie was accurate with hacking vulnerabilities… after a while, and a bunch of calls were made, he got a response that the movie was actually a touch inaccurate… that computer hacking was far, far easier than depicted in the movie.

    Due to the then President, we got anti-hacking legislation.

    The worst part, however, was the real world reason the movie was made… the real computers glitch… running a training simulation as a real strike… this happened multiple times on the U.S. computers, almost lighting off WW3 each time… it also happened at least once on U.S.S.R. computers, thankfully the military commander in the Soviet Union was wise enough to realize it couldn’t be real… the Soviet computers only showed a few U.S. nukes launching when, if it was real, there’d been a full release.

  31. Think I’ve seen this film 100 times. Perfectly cast. Perfectly scripted. And is so nostalgic to me as it reminds me of the technology that existed when I was a kid.

  32. it would have been F. funnier if they would have called the computer "Nuland" instead of "WOPR"…. but i know… the acronyme..

  33. This is the GenX movie I grew up with. Dope stuff.

  34. Listen to it again, it was a prophylactic recycling center! Lol

  35. Now watch the sequel, WarGames: The Dead Code (2008)

  36. Goodness, when A. B. sees The Day After and Threads. Or Miracle Mile. And NO, you don't want CoD to monitor Russia and China.

  37. Dabney Coleman played the sexist boss in 9 to 5. He's been in other things, but Ashleigh should at least remember him from that.

  38. Not to play @ all that was also the winning movie for "Dr Strangelove".

  39. I love your videos and your reactions!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  40. I feel like they could redo this movie with much more modern of a spin and it would be amazing as well.

  41. For the flight to Paris $1,000 in 1983 is a little over $3,000 today. By comparison a quick look on Expedia shows flights from Seattle to Paris starting at $636.

  42. Love your eye makeup. Your eyes are pretty. Not sure how accurate this movie about 1980s computer technology. Still a decent film.

  43. winces Dr. Hans Asperger was a nazi who… euthanized the children whom he "discovered" the autism variant named after him. We're trying to phase his name out and just use the term high-functiong autistic.

  44. No David wouldn't go to prison, the government would hire him once he's graduated to work for them. This has happened in real life, tho not to This extent of course. Theyre always looking for computer whiz geniuses. They want them for our side. So no jail and risk him a.d his brain going to Russia. They'd prob pay for his entire education and give him whatever he wanted. You were surprised that Jennifer thought 41 old. But you thought the computer tech and pay phones were ancient. Guesz what? That was 40 years ago. Gen z thinks millennials are old. Loll

  45. 'Thats the kind of lock KFC got on their secret recipe.' That was a great joke! Made me fall of my chair.

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