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Wargames 1983 – The voice of WOPR

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The coolest computer voice in movies! + FINAL SCENE in HD.

Curiously it appears that Lightman, McKittrick and Crystal Palace all have same voice synthesizers…


  1. I still wonder why synthesizer they were using, or if they were simply using a Vocoder and a keyboard to make the voices to this day.

  2. WOPR = John Wood (the Falken character) through the EMS Vocoder-System 3000.

  3. "Fine." -Joshua just wanted to play a nice game of chess.

  4. 2:34, lets do Vegas, False Flag shooting, next was Seattle, train derails today in Washington, hmmm.

  5. war games has some of the best music in a movie ever

  6. Is this a game or is it real ?
    What's the difference ?

  7. All he had to do was tell Joshua to stop the game and play something else. But once they removed the backdoor, that became impossible.

  8. Matthew Broderick looks like a freaking teenager in this film yet he's in his early twenties

  9. Such a good movie. Teaches us about mutually assured destruction and the principle of futility. “The only winning move is not to play.”

  10. Definitely not an SPO256 chip.. It was suggested that the voice of WOPR was an actor through a vocoder or similar.

  11. the only winning move is to start straight away

  12. This is first contact footage with scp 079

  13. 2:05 -> which side do you want already has "2", next scene 2:09 shows how he enters "2". 😉

  14. Why does the launchcode reveal the right digits one by one instead of checking the entire sequence at a time making bruteforcing it exponentially more time taking

  15. Some terminals had voice chips built in, but I can't imagine it would be enabled by default

  16. My father and I had debated this movie on whether or not the WOPR would actually launch the missiles or if it was just going through the simulation. Narritively we are meant to think that the computer will absolutely launch but from the logic of the film he seemed right. After all it was always just a game for WOPR, so did the backdoor somehow push that thoeretical attack into reality or not?

  17. Very good film.And Broderick…😆👀💋💋💋💋

  18. that movie inspired a whole generation to become computer freaks.

  19. I remember these days with war dial software hoping to come home from school and read the list to see what was found and what those phone numbers were all about! All black screen or magenta then. DOS and UNIX ruled the day. UNIX more so by the way. You could still transfer images but needed UUENCODE and UUDECODE on DOS. Otherwise it was just a bunch of numbers in a text file. Little to nothing could be traced then either. As far as computers go those were the good ol' days. Wish I could go back! I've still got all of my old modems too as well as the BBS software. The hard line still hangs on the wall too.

  20. ?%….still see improvements!………2019 3:11 pm. 14:11 est. 12/7/2019.

  21. 3:51
    : What is the primary goal ?
    : To win the game
    Me: Joke's on both of them .In a nuclear war no one wins .

  22. Can't they just disconnect electric and online transmission on all of their silo sites???

  23. I liked at the beginning when they played "Video fever" at the arcade. Who remembers 1 play for a quarter?

  24. Maybe the same thing with chess though. If you had the game completely worked out, neither player would make a move that would lead to a loss so it would end in a draw.

  25. I used to have a sexy little 56k modem back in the day I am pretty sure used to be Joshua’s girlfriend.

  26. I say let's nuke it out and prove them wrong.

  27. Irish puck..<..aka….. boats win%…aka. UNITED STATES NAVY. Subs

  28. Orin Kerr brought me here. I hope Justice Kagan is assigned the opinion, because she is totally the one who will appreciate (and likely cite) this 80s movie. Bonus points if she ends her opinion (declining to extend CFAA to violations of so-called contract-based restrictions) by quoting Joshua: “The only winning move is not to play.”

  29. that part when the computer started running the nuke tests on the big screen, did anyone else get some willy wonka tunnel vibe from that?

  30. Ahh back in the day when talking machines were impressive lol

  31. 小説も読んだほど「wargame」のファンです。ダイジェストでも面白かった〜

  32. Computer: Greetings Professor Falken. What password would you like to secure the system ?
    Falken: joshua
    Computer: I am sorry Professor. The password must be at least 8 characters long, must have at least 1 capital letter and one number, and no space or special chara…
    Falken: Fuck it.

  33. Let's hack into super computers to play games? 😂😂😂😂

    Just get some friends and play D&D

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