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Wargames 1983

alan douglas hansen
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  1. Show. The. Love. For. Are. Would. Aman. John. P. Jones. Vegas

  2. Rede Bandeirantes 🏈 from Brazil 🇧🇷 passed in 1985 the day after Christmas ⛄🌲 in 1985 war game

  3. Je ne suis pas un numéro,JE SUIS UN HOMME LIBRE ! says:

    Which side do you want ?

  4. W A R N I N G > > > > > > E Y E C A N C E R Q U A L I T Y ! < < < < < <

  5. Because I've always wanted to watch a movie where I only see people's mustaches and left shoulders

  6. It`s pointless. What an idiot does this watch it yourself

  7. Tha feeling, if i watched The Boondocks.3gp on my Nokia C1-02 back these 2011…it its still in better quality. xDDD

  8. echte scheisse kann mann sich nicht an sehn zu schlechte qualität sehr miss soll am besten gelöscht werden meiner meinung nach !!!

  9. Is this the right movie (wargames) ? And secondly, is this the full movie?

  10. Out of focus To big to fit screen SMH why bother to download ..

  11. Whoever uploaded this video you need to back off the zoom ratio on it it's too close on the screen to view

  12. can you post this film in french please this is for my children and too i'm french people and I want to saw this film it was so hard to find him in differents streaming sites and on yt this is more hard therefore can you repost them in french please (My name is Joshua).

  13. This is a crappy stolen download of the original movie. They just added the 1983 in the title to avoid being caught by the bots that constantly scan for copyright infringements. Don't bother watching it, the quality is so poor that you won't be able to see what is going on anyway.

  14. You could have inserted emojis between the letters of the title and inserted a few seconds of anything without the movie being pulled.

  15. Is this a Joke?? Good movie if you could see it 👀TO DAMN BLURRY!!

  16. whats the point??!!! was this uploaded through a potato

  17. This would have to be the single most worse video on youtube. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  18. Fast forward , please? % and be , kind , please, rewind. Jason.

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