WarGames 2020 (Battle Royal Tournament Round 1) in WWE 2k20! K-CITY GAMING - nzwargamer.net

WarGames 2020 (Battle Royal Tournament Round 1) in WWE 2k20! K-CITY GAMING

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Today we begin WarGames 2020 (an exclusive K-City Battle Royal Tournament Round 1) in WWE 2k20 with over 72 wrestlers! K-CITY GAMING
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  1. 🤼‍♂️


  2. the king of all the stars is actually in a other app it called mobile legends bang bang its a skin of em it cost 1000 something diamonds

  3. How many times have you beet your dad?,I subscribed to this channel.

  4. You guys should do to tournaments and the winners should fight

  5. I think you guys should do a royale rumble but with monsters

  6. They boo because who’s winning is a bad guy and there sopust to get bood

  7. Y’all should go against Rey Mysterio in Domenic Wisteria WWE 2K 20 that would be insane

  8. But but but but but tag team match because do you know Dominic Mysterio a Rey Mysterio versus oldest and Dominic a beans they won against Dr. Ziegler and Bobby Roode is that insane

  9. Did you realize he was saying F1 instead of F5

  10. Maybe for a video you can ask your fans to create a character and upload them on too the WWE 2K20 under a hashtag KCITY challenge. I know my kids would love seeing that. Since they asked me to create a character to go against dad city. Which I have uploaded already (called Evil Daddy). Good content for a RR

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