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WarGames (7/11) Movie CLIP – DEFCON 1 (1983) HD

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A launch detection shows a full scale Soviet Strike and General Beringer (Barry Corbin) orders the move to DEFCON 1.

Once more, a wise-guy teenager tries to prove he’s smarter than any adult-and nearly destroys the whole world in the process-in Wargames. Computer-game aficionado Matthew Broderick inadverently taps into a hush-hush Pentagon computer, then proceeds to inaugurate his favorite game, “Global Thermonuclear War”. What we know, but Broderick doesn’t, is that the Pentagon, hoping to eliminate the chancy “human element” in the event of an actual war, has given its computer total, irreversable control over the launching of nuclear weaponry. Broderick and government official Dabney Coleman race against time to reverse the computer’s resolve to send bombers to Russia. Wargames scored a hit, especially with teenage filmgoers.

TM & © MGM (1983)
Cast: Dabney Coleman, Barry Corbin
Director: John Badham
Producers: Richard Hashimoto, Harold Schneider, Bruce McNall, Leonard Goldberg
Screenwriters: Lawrence Lasker, Walter F. Parkes, Walon Green

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  1. Underrated Jesse D Goines @1:50 at the AF Operations Sergeant – you may know him as one of Boddickers' goons from Robocop or the Supreme Court Judge from "How to get Away with Murder"

  2. 👽👽👽Ai Capito o non ai visto il saluto militare differente!Braccio sul petto e non saluto Uso Militare terra!

  3. they couldn't tell that the targets were chosen by a teenager??

  4. Lightman: "The gate's closed?!"
    Airman: <ramming speed!>

  5. General Carville sure does look younger in this.

  6. To to the best of my knowledge, this is the first depiction of a female Airman in film.

  7. I always thought the biggest failure in this scene performance/writing-wise was Beringer retaining some measure of humor at WOPR's recommendation. I'm sure they were going for a Slim Pickins "Major Kong" vibe but it honestly didn't feel right.

  8. No wonder he seems familiar. Red Alert Command and Conquer Allied General

  9. Kids group when they see a another Group shoot them with nerfs

  10. All credit to that jeep driver. That is one damn committed Uber.

  11. This is like what happens before my morning dump….whopper

  12. USA: Did you so happen to fire all of your ICBMS at us?

    USSR: (In Russian) What the hell are you smoking?! I want some!!!

  13. I spent 21 years in the military and can say without a doubt……there is no such thing as DEFCON 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. even though I know this is the movie I thought only the president of the United States is the only one that can order to Defcon 1

  15. If they've detected launches already, I think they'd probably be going full counter-force strike…not just flushing the bombers & stuff. If it's a real launch, they've got 30 minutes…no time to mess around…

  16. The Scientists that live in Antarctica: “we just chillin”

  17. Imagine making a movie about a war during the actual war

  18. one of the best movies from the past. Old good days when directors know how to make good movies…

  19. I realise why they liked the Corncrakes next to my house so much.

  20. AFI 36-2903….homies uniform is jacked up 😆

  21. I was 6 when I saw it in the theater and felt scared by these scenes of impending nuclear war. I really don't know how much I understood at that time about the reality of it.

  22. I love that the general's tie is slightly disheveled – perfect!!

  23. I kept thinking… the Pentagon has the worst security in the world. They even left the suspect in the room with a computer, with direct access. XD They didn't even bother to read the messages from Joshua to find the address, a clue to where he might have been heading.

  24. Absolutely one of my favorite movies as a child.

  25. I forget the exact details to the story, but the government actually had a nuclear war simulator where they had a false alarm giving the impression that a real attack was inbound and here it was someone had left a tape of such a simulation playing by accident. Scared the crap out of everybody there though initially, they said thank God the President hadn't been in there on say a tour at the time!

  26. "After the gates are closed no one gets in or out."
    Certainly didn't seem like it when they smashed through.

  27. That guy is pretty fat and slovenly to be a 4 star AF General.

  28. I think the funniest thing is probably how he’s wearing his uniform with the jacket open

  29. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16, Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 4:5, Jesus Christ is the only way, KJV.

  30. The Official Ennomerian Commonwealth says:

    Everybody loses, but one loses the least.

  31. Early 80's movies had much more believable computers. Gotta love how actual prop programs had to be written for them rather than just every screen having a trippy CGI sequence made in a compositor that says "HACKING… 54% COMPLETE"

  32. Fun fact: the jeep wasn't supposed to roll over, they were supposed to drive straight to the main entrance. Director John Badham kept it in and filmed the shot of David and the others running the rest of the way.

  33. So in trying to outrun the blasts of a dozen nukes, you proceeded to crash your car TWICE and end up as the last victim in the road safety statistics of human kind. Congratulations, Sir

  34. Whitey Durham, before he retired from the military and be ame a simple high school basketball coach.

  35. The Great Star of Command & Conquer Red Alert Series!

  36. One of my absolute favourite movies. It was certainly #1 on my list as a kid. LOVED IT. Still do.

  37. This happened in real life when a computer was playing a simulation which they didnt know-it was playing,therefor they went through all the launch procedures but then did not go through with launch.

  38. Damn they had balls making this movie while the war was very much still in everyone’s minds

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