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Wargames alternative Spoof ending

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if the computer in Wargames didn’t learn?
Well, this spoof is about just that!
This video is two movies into one.
I compiled clips from Wargames and The Day After.
Both from 1983 so they work together perfectly.
To make this “alternative” ending to Wargames.
I hope you enjoy it.

Please comment below what you like/dislike.


  1. "Well boys it looks like toe-to-toe Nuclear combat with the Russkies" Capt. Kong.

  2. Unfortunately for all of us with Joe Biden in the White House this is an absolute possibility fjb if you vote Democrat you're voting for nuclear annihilation

  3. Where's porky,. D, d, d, , dats all folks

  4. No point in running unless its to the nearest bar for one last drink

  5. With some of the stupidest people voting for the worst president in American history this is becoming very close to reality

  6. Come ahead to 2022 and this is exactly what Biden and the Democrats are pushing us into.

  7. I remember the Hype before „ the day after was released“. After I saw it all thought was, what garbage

  8. Good ending but the only thing I don't get is @8:26 why is a EMP the first thing that happens when they launched nuc's ?

  9. In my opinion someone showed Ronald Reagan the game Missile Command and he thought that was a good idea. He didn't realize it always ended with the destruction of cities and the words "Game Over" in the nuclear explosion.

  10. The best part of this whole movie, is that air force guy, probably a high-ranking officer, interjecting to say "PUT X IN THE CENTER", this is the military in a nutshell. And LOL, an EMP isn't going to do shit to cars from that era, now a days? you are done.

  11. LOL, an EMP will do jack to cars of that era. Now? Good luck. You can barely change a plug or battery without resetting the ECM.

  12. Imagine if in real life we has a senile old fool that only knows wars help a presidency while it's failing. Phew lucky that's just a crazy thought huh.

  13. Try mixing this with the BBC documentary threads.

  14. …and, Godzilla attacked and ate all the FISH!

  15. All those people running! Looks like we were in much better shape back when kids still played outside.

  16. Well, I'm so glad Biden is in office now: He'd protect us!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Well that is rather disturbing considering our current global situation. It's a good thing I gave up all stimulants or I'd be a mess right about now.

  18. The tic tax toe thing never made any sense.

  19. You should I f pasted in the Biden speech with the blood red drapes and talking about dark maga 😂😂😂😂

  20. That ending would have sent people in a spiral they would still be in today..

  21. Go to love the Minuteman II’s launching from the dorm area of KU campus.

  22. Why haven’t I seen this before. Brilliance! Fucking Windows…

  23. Folks, the egos of the politicians in charge may find a way to accidentally do the same thing….and blame who ?

  24. Great edit, and….this is why us 'oldies' don't trust computer hardware for these jobs We trust man, he can be stopped, or his/her decision changed.

  25. I remember being glued to the TV when The Day After ran. Here we are 39 years later and we have some demented idiot threatening to do it. Hell even monkey evolve faster than man. May they inherit the earth after we wipe ourselves out.

  26. The woman counting the code looks. Like she has just finished a torrid make out session. Anyway if our government keeps fooling around this is how Ukraine ends. Not good news.

  27. This was a good mashup. Both movies from early 80s.

  28. The ultimate "kiddie as the hero" movie. As transparent as a bay window. Oh, the original.

  29. I thought spoofs were supposed to be funny.

    This wasn't funny

  30. Not well done. Watching was a waste of time.

  31. Then a burst of light happens outside the room and the Terminator walks in and kills everyone in there. World war III has begun

  32. Ironic that we should be reviewing a 25 plus year old movie about thermonuclear war at this time. We are as close to nuclear midnight as we have ever been.

  33. At least they were safe in the mountain. 😊

  34. Its funny this emd is comprised of vidro footage from the day after

  35. Such a copyright violation is not cool! This video should taken down!

  36. War Games merged with The Day After…. nice touch!

  37. What is crazy is the last scene where the nuke goes off, the traffic is shocking close to where I live right now! Considering this was in the 1980's, the city in the distance was Kansas City, so based on the distance from KC this appears to be, and looking East… yeah, it's a little close to home for me! That show scared the crap out of me as a kid in the 80's! War Games was cool though!

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