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WarGames clip – WOPR described

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The WOPR is described here as a machine that “thinks” about World War 3 all the time. I find the anthropomorphisation of the process of computer operations curious. It seems to be a factor that plays into suggesting the WOPR, as able to “make decisions” like a human, can legitimately order a nuclear missile launch without requiring a human to actually carry out the final step.


  1. The lights just keep blinking out of sequence

  2. of course the computer has to make those noises 😂

  3. What does Muhammad and Michael Jackson have in common? They are both pedophiles.

  4. WOPR with cheese, no pickles please. Product placement at its least subtle. Still a great film.

  5. When I was doing research and software testing for some AI stuff, my employer sent me a hot-rod machine to work with. 64 CPUs, 4 cores each, 64 GB of RAM, and this was around 2001, so no slouch. I ended up having to run two new dedicated circuits to my lab because the machine tripped regular breakers. It's hostname? 'WOPR' of course. ;D I was so sad when I had to give it back.

  6. Who else typed "lets play global thermonuclear war" into their Commodore 64 and was dissapointed when they got a syntax error ?

  7. Hell, I'd piss on a spark plug if it would do any good!

  8. After careful consideration I've come to the conclusion that your new defense system SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

  9. Meanwhile the Soviet Comrades had the BIG M.A.C. (MEGA ASS CALCULATOR), operating at mind-boggling 20 MHz with uncomprehensive 4 MB of RAM.

  10. What I don't get is why the computer had to play tic-tac-toe in the finale, in order to understand that nuclear war is unwinnable, if he ALREADY has "played WW3 as a game, time and time again…" according to that guy?
    He was doing for so long and couldn't conclude that you can't win in a nuclear war and then suddenly realised it after playing tic-tac-toe?
    Or WOPR and Joshua were separate entities in the same computer? Then why didn't WOPR came to the same conclusion as Joshua?

  11. Few things-the machine does not take in to consideration the loss of human life but rather the outcome of mytual destruction which is the sole basis of nuclear war, the mutual destruction of life globally. Second what got me tickled is, If I am not mistaken the year this novie came out Burger King released the whopper. Before this time it was called a hambuger. Coincidence? We get taken out by beef products

  12. W0PR!? impossiblé! 2 trillion dollar hardware don't make mistakes!

  13. i have one of those at home it actually looks like those old nuclear launch copter in the silos.

  14. I'm only realizing now what a great name they picked for the computer. WOPR is a good acronym, for one thing, not too on the nose or forced as they too often are these days. On one hand, it's a cheeky reference to a fast food burger, but it originally meant something really really huge and powerful. But, meanwhile, it's also a great name because "whopper" is also a word used to describe a big lie. In this case, three big lies: that the computer is McKittrick's invention and not Falken's, that having all the decisions made by AI instead of human beings will result in better decisions, and finally that the computer wouldn't usurp human judgment and take over for itself.

  15. "would you like to play a game?"

    Vlad Putin: "Yes"

  16. This is one of the few movies I actually enjoy watching

  17. It's not "silicone diode", it's "silicon diode"! Silicone is a gelatinous substance with silicon, the element, as it's major component.

  18. If someone started telling me especially back then about entrusting all this to a computer, I'd call them Soviet Spies. Who in their right mind would agree to this?

  19. Sure. I wore a burger king paper hat when I was younger.

  20. Actually it leads to military innovation future real estate domination Lumbee and tribal patience peace and relentless desire to succeed despite obstructions and hateful people and threats from people who clicked in a birth certificate email from NC and tried to print it in 2019 and then it helps identity people who spammed the department of defense like Huntsville Al. Von Braun center and Scottsboro Al and Robert cardwell. Lol.

  21. Actually it leads to defensive ideas like the iron done defense in isreal to knock down Hamas rockets instead of being a first strike simulator. Jonathon Alexander Cardwell "code name Joshua". I don't mean ft. Payne crazy people where all the drug users work.

  22. Actually it works perfectly. Preventing nuclear war. Runs through all countries responses from any nuclear armed countries and strategies of those countries in response to nuclear plants oil pipeline disputes nada disputes and economic world economic pressures culture divides. Actually it's advanced to be able to identify personality traits of world leaders who might trigger a first strike. Like Christopher Wray being complicit to threatening Anna Chapman and going to Poland.

  23. Actually it becomes self aware and locks out the code breaker. It’s a Joshua code. 1704 is a battle user had with the Swiss. TKS means chieftains. CPE is an economic term. Do self aware mission systems have safeguards against self aware “Thanatos”? After the fall of “icarus” rise of “Rasputin” and the distraction of the princess bride “land war in Asia”. Then the rise of “Arishem” and “galactius”

  24. Well, with your bad knee, General, you shouldn’t throw anything.

  25. Tks is a chieftain tank hatch lol……watch the launch code at the end

  26. Like the whopper cheeseburger. I wore a burger king hey when I was younger but I didn't misuse a card at burger king in Bessemer

  27. Today a single watch has more computing power than that room.

  28. Did they consider calling it the Big Mac?

  29. Can I get extra cheese and a side of fries with that as well

  30. And now thanks to innovation and Moores law, this iPhone im typing this message on has more power than this trillion dollar piece of defense department hardware

  31. Dabney Coleman is a damn fine actor. 🤔

  32. The fun part about "not trusting the overgrown pile of microchips" is the fact that you could enter a nuclear silo … delivering pizza.

  33. Phony Tornado Alarms Reduce Readiness! says:

    A whopper sounds pretty good right now!! Mmm.. 🍔

  34. I like the sound of this super computer. When I was a kid, I thought that all the big computers made that sound.

  35. "Wopr eh? WRITE THAT DOWN AND MAKE IT DOUBLE" – Burgerking

  36. Now after the events of the film they would have had to have a post mortem. Presumably Professor Falken would have had to take part. What would he would have concluded in relation to this important scene? Might it have been that the men in the silos who didn't want to launch the milles were, in fact, right.

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