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Wargames Ending

Mischa Englund
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  1. This movie likely prevented an actual nuclear war.

    “As author Fred Kaplan explains in his book Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyber War, Reagan had recently viewed the movie WarGames and “he couldn’t get that movie out of his mind. At one point, he put down his index cards and asked if anyone had seen it. Nobody had… so he launched into a detailed summary of its plot.”

    As Reagan recounted the film, the room full of defense experts sat uncomfortably, suppressing smirks, as the leader of the free world described to them the plot of a Matthew Broderick movie about a teenager who hacks into NORAD, thinking it’s a computer game, nearly kicking off World War III. At the conclusion of his synopsis, Reagan turned to General John Vessey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and asked if such a thing were possible. Unsure, Vessey promised to look into it.

    A week later, when Vessey returned, Reagan got his answer. Vessey said, “Mr. President, the problem is much worse than you think.”

    “Yes, you read that right, the dawn of the U.S. government taking cybersecurity seriously across its entire enterprise, and especially its sprawling strategic command and control infrastructure, was largely born out of the movie War Games. “

  2. Just telling stories, what have they been up to?

  3. This is one of those movies you watch every time it's on no matter how many times you've seen it.

  4. Тупые американцы. Все вы… Путин то, Путин это, а вы такие белые и пушистые? Заметьте, это вы сбросили две атомные бомбы на Японию, на мирные города. Это вы лезет к русским, а ни мы к вам. Это вы разместила сколько ядерное оружие рядом с нашими границами, но при этом мы плохие. Так если размещать ядерное оружие у Путина под носом это нормально, давайте разместим его в Мексике и Канаде, для баланса.
    Но нет, карибский кризис показал, что Вас, господа пендосы, это не устраивает и вы готовы начать третью мировую, если СССР не уберёт ракеты с Кубы, или я ошибаюсь? Так почему же вы, долбаëбы, стараетесь разместить свою ядерное оружие как можно ближе к Москве. Может вы, хоть раз в жизни остановитесь, посмотрите в зеркало, и спросите, сами себя: "понравится ли мне то, что я хочу сделать, если это сделает он".
    Вот вы такие всё свободные, демократы. Да вы самые настоящие рабы своего общества. Если вам не нравятся геи и ЛГБТ повестка, вы при Вашей "свободе слова", засунете язык в жопу, и будете молчать кабы что не случилось. И после этого вы будете нам указывать что такое свобода слова? Я в своей стране легко могу сказать что Байден мудак, и я против ЛГБТ. Почему, человека считающего себя Наполеоном отправляют в лечебницу, а мужиков трансгендеров на женскую алимпиаду?

  5. When playing COD just ain't that satisfying anymore.

  6. Imagine if when David was playing Joshua at Tic-Tac-To at the beginning before he got Joshua to play himself – if he had simple mental lapse and Joshua won. …Well there's THAT planned ruined!

  7. And thus it learned the concept of Mutually Assured Destruction. A fitting acronym since nuclear is mad.

  8. I wish the Pentagon and those satanic Freemason CIA and politicians hiding under Denver and fort McPherson would learn this lesson. Better not to play. Black Sabbath generals gathering in their masses

  9. Thankfully the system wasn't powered by Windows.

  10. ロシアの時代遅れコンピューター(プーチン)が核ミサイルを発射するのも近いかもな

  11. Will Russia win if it uses Nukes on Ukraine?

  12. It's 2023, and it may not be a nice game of chess. But a great movie. Now a classic.

  13. Ahh yes.the typical computer voice.
    Heck it even burns out its own wiring just by thinking lol

  14. All the A.I., who held Humanity's fate in its hands, wanted to do was play chess.

  15. Geeez, New Zealand gets nuked in like every scenario. Who would want to do that?

  16. too bad the military doesnt learn from this fiction movie. dont let machines control that which can destroy us.

  17. "God damn it, I'd piss on a spark plug if I thought it'd do any good!" – General Beringer

  18. Today, these checks and balances no longer actually exist, and we are more vulnerable than we have ever been.

  19. Had Putin ever seen this movie?
    If not, there are several more modern and realistic movies out there.

  20. The trick is that if you know what you're doing, you can work around the center square gambit in tic-tac-toe. And you can absolutely win from the center if you pick your second square correctly based on where they put their first. You can force them to block then place your third in a position where you have two winning options and they can only block one.

  21. People keep saying Russia/Putin should watch this are all idiots.

    If they didn't know the consequences of nuclear attack they'd have used them already, that's why everyone is still here.

  22. I would rather spend some nice time with that nice girl than that stupid war machine 🙁

  23. 40 years still holds true today.

  24. After watching this movie many times over the decades… I’m only now thinking, “Professor Falken, why didn’t you have Joshua play against itself when you developed it!? Rather than waiting for the launch countdown?” Granted, that would have been a boring movie. But saved a lot of adrenaline.

  25. U.S. => Russia = Winner: None
    Russia => U.S. = Winner: None
    Ukraine => Russia = Winner: None
    Russia => Ukraine = Winner: None
    China/Russia => U.S. = Winner: None
    U.S./NATO => China/Russia = Winner: None
    . . .

  26. Love this movie, but once that rocket motor started, no calling the missile back and no shut down, WW3. – Shall we play a game?

  27. I was stationed at Loring when this movie came out.

  28. So I guess David later gets a job working with the NSA

  29. At least in the movie he gets the girl

  30. I’ve seen this movie over and over for years and years, but I only just noticed that the computer was listing a lot of countries as first strike countries as it was playing the Global Thermal Nuclear War Game that don’t even have nuclear weapons!!!

    I was wondering why that was taking so long?

    Now I know!

  31. Certainly tik tak toe can always be a draw, but chess and a myriad of other games can be won, and some games can only be won. Tik Tak Toe is a bad example.

  32. It had the full capacity to start a war and it didn't. It knew. What's sad is they would likely take it offline, when the best thing to do is to let it keep control. It KNOWS not to play, and wouldn't let us either.

    Hmm, maybe a self-aware Ai designed to break into and control every nuclear facility on the planet and keep it from ever being used might be the best idea.

  33. Better stop Biden as soon as possible nowadays

  34. There are multiple documented occasions on both sides where level headed commander's either decided to ignore launch orders, or get confirmation until the launch orders were shown as faulty, or radar blips being discerned as electronic errors. Any of these could have resulted in the first nuke being launched, triggering the events of any of the hundreds of scenarios shown in this scene. Consider us incredibly lucky that we are still here and are able to rewatch this scene 40 years later.

  35. Those cocky smiles… I'm sure they had a wonderful time at school.

  36. 40 years ahead of AI being a real threat. So weird to see how relevant this film is today.

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