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Wargames Ending

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The ending of the 1983 film, Wargames. ^_^”The Only Winning Move Is Not To Play.”^_^
Global Thermonuclear War. I uploaded this because the only other version of the ending that i could find was in 240p only, I do not own wargames and i am not affiliated in any way with it. I am merely uploading this video for entertainment purposes.

Matthew Broderick Wargames Ally Sheedy
Dabney Coleman John Wood WOPR David Lightman NORAD Dr.John McKittrick Jennifer Mack Cheyenne Mountain Joshua


  1. 2:30
    U.S. First Strike Scenario: Technician sits on launch button- "Ooops!"
    U.S.S.R. First Strike Scenario: "Ready comrades?" "Da- launch everything!"

  2. Always have a posh english actor in never one with a yorkshire accent😠

  3. Quite something that this movie was 1983 & yet has concepts like remote hacking, that is even more relevant today

  4. 10, he's got the code he's going to lunch.

  5. 40 years later and the film still holds up.

  6. This scene always gives me goosebumps.
    The shots where the missiles keep launching over and over with the loud thumping and bright lights with that blaring score is one of the most terrifying and chilling scenes in a movie I have seen.

  7. Do Classics ever disappear? This popped in my head randomly and I JUST HAD TO LOOK IT UP!!! Love this movie! Even if it's VHS era!!

  8. 4:45 Black Widow reference from Caption America Winter Soldier

  9. Dabney Coleman was in every movie in the 80s…

  10. The Four horsemen are knocking at the door creeping Death Angel of Death and life July 15th 2021 can You feel It in the Air in a whisper voice

  11. Code name tic-tac-toe fire at will for they have no free will and no conscience either they don't even know what conference is in 2021

  12. I want my keyboard to make that noise when I type. My whiny co-workers will love it.

  13. Chad alliance. Did America or Russia even care enough about Chad back the. To know where it was? Let alone let it be there flaspoint?

  14. The professor always had that smirk,like nuclear war,sounds fun

  15. No games no Risk, never play!! Mo matter wich game, never play it!!!

  16. Some of the the strategy are quite interesting though…

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