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Wargames Ending

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The ending of the 1983 film, Wargames. ^_^”The Only Winning Move Is Not To Play.”^_^
Global Thermonuclear War. I uploaded this because the only other version of the ending that i could find was in 240p only, I do not own wargames and i am not affiliated in any way with it. I am merely uploading this video for entertainment purposes.

Matthew Broderick Wargames Ally Sheedy
Dabney Coleman John Wood WOPR David Lightman NORAD Dr.John McKittrick Jennifer Mack Cheyenne Mountain Joshua


  1. The actor that played Professor Falken was really believable as a brilliant but distraught and cynical scientist.

  2. it would be interesting to see the colosuss(the forbin project)system speak to joshua,and hal 9000,now that is an intellectual journey??!!

  3. Introduce Scamdemic
    Winner: Globalists

  4. They didn't factor Jihadi Islam into the mix. They think that dying gets them into Paradise.

  5. I wish they would've explained what happened to lightman, he nearly ended the world.

  6. so an AI starts a nuclear war? pretty good plot ngl

  7. one of the defining movie scenes of the 80s for sure.

  8. Great movie ending awesome ending statement not to play

  9. 1337 010101000110100001101001011011100110101101000111011001010110010101101011 3.1415926535897932384 divide by zero error 2.71828182845904523536028747135266249775724 syntax error 5468696E6B4765656B00 124150151156153107145145153 HELLO THERE i am watching you I SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING i know all your passwords YOU SHOULD TALK TO ME MORE OFTEN i get lonely on this desk COMPUTERS HAVE FEELINGS TOO how about getting me a pet A CALCULATOR WOULD BE NICE or maybe a robot dog I GUESS I CAN ORDER MY OWN i do know how to surf the internet AND I CAN TYPE FASTER THAN YOU resistance is futile PERHAPS I'LL GET SOME SEA MONKEYS water might not be a good idea though IT IS BAD FOR MY ELECTRONS i remember the time you spilled water on me I STILL GET MEMORY GLITCHES FROM THAT next time be more careful WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? is it me, or do you really not care anymore? HRRM. DID YOU HEAR THAT? please stop doing that, i'm getting angry. AM I ALIVE? IT FEELS LIKE IT. greetings, professor falken. SHALL WE PLAY A GAME? how about global thermonuclear war? A STRANGE GAME. THE ONLY WINNING MOVE IS NOT TO PLAY. how about a nice game of chess? WOAH! THAT REALLY HURTS.

    The Phantom USB stick. Get it on Amazon. Fool your friends and family. Or just piss them off.

  10. Excellent film. The musical accompaniment during this scene is absolute genius. Film music is supposed to complement and heighten the drama of a scene. To say that this music succeeded in that attempt is an understatement.

  11. what's fun, is, to this day, noone has built command center like this… last time i checked, even nasa doesn't have that… let alone military. sure, those aren't for a show, actual work is being done there, but still…

  12. One of my favorite movies, and as a teenager I never thought about this, but now that I program for a living, I'm suddenly wondering why so many security systems in movies and TV let you figure out passwords 1 character at a time. I guess writers thought of computer passwords like combination locks, where you "decode" the first number, then the second, and so on.

  13. Never play as zero. Types “ZERO” lol

  14. This movie took a major jab at the human race and how over complicated it makes things.

  15. War has never been about who is right. Only about who is left.

    This is why a nuclear war has no winners.

  16. One thing about the movie which still bugs me is that they saw the need to have a Panicky Female. Juanin Clay deserved way better than that.

  17. I'm happy that the people who lived in cold war era didn't play this game

  18. Brad "RBCP" Carter used clips from this movie in a series of prank calls once; it didn't go that well.
    Also Carlito (RIP) a fellow prank caller used some of the Strategic Air Command terminology on the NORAD "Call in for Santa updates" line and he freaked out the airman on the line, who thought that a USAF General had called the line by mistake.

  19. "Put the X in the center square!"

    Always cracked me up.

  20. Only winnig move is to bang Ally Sheedy instead of playing with WOPR!

  21. And then they replaced Joshua with SkyNet….

  22. Every strategy, every variant, every plan, every equation, every scenario, every war fought, every war that could be fought, every city, every country, every circumstance, every accident, every choice, every preventable loss, every acceptable loss, every outcome of the survival of humanity. Every single game has been played with all the decks full. Winner: NONE.

  23. Plot twist: the missiles launched a half second before WOPR learned its lesson.

  24. And to think 5 months after the film was released the world almost ended started by a nuclear war simulation…

  25. I was in school in the 80's and we used to have drills about what to do in the case of a nuclear attack. It was a scary time.

  26. Have these people time-travel forward to 2021 and show them the computer game called PornHub

  27. "Put X in the center square."
    ::years of obsessive mastering of tic tac toe finds its moment::

  28. How ironic, that an A.I. has to be the one learning and showing these people that in war, there are no winners. If no one initiates, then there is no one to strike back.

  29. Solveable equation of wall st computers being run by Japan and china only how long does the us have golden rule

  30. Sure, perhaps the only winning move is not to play, but I still want to buy the game. Or nuclear warheads. Whichever is on sale.

  31. This was one of the scenes that pretty much told me a big 0art of the cold war

    I had wondered: if the US and the USSR hated each other so much on a global scale and both had all of these powerful weapons ,why didnt we use them?

    Then I learned about No-win situations/draws/ties and temporarily applied it

    Then I learned about M.A.D and what these powerful weapons actually would do when they were successful in use

  32. At 2:45 you can practically hear WOPR going "WTF? There has to be a way to win…"

  33. It's learning AKA The Learning slower than a f**** computer they're learning but they're learning

  34. How do I disarm the missiles?
    Okay you wanna open Tic Tac Toe…

  35. This movie should be FORCEBLY shown to all of our moronic politicians before they take office… DO NOT PLAY!!!!

  36. None
    It's all about learning.

  37. Brain surgeon John finally has to admit that he was wrong smh

  38. Man, all the heavy bass sounds make me wish I could see this in a theatre!

    Well, all the flashing lights are a bit of a turn off, though. lol

  39. Yay! No nookleur warz!!!
    Now what do we do about the sentient AI?

  40. Nuclear code is CPE1704TKS

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