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Wargames Ending

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The ending of the 1983 film, Wargames. ^_^”The Only Winning Move Is Not To Play.”^_^
Global Thermonuclear War. I uploaded this because the only other version of the ending that i could find was in 240p only, I do not own wargames and i am not affiliated in any way with it. I am merely uploading this video for entertainment purposes.

Matthew Broderick Wargames Ally Sheedy
Dabney Coleman John Wood WOPR David Lightman NORAD Dr.John McKittrick Jennifer Mack Cheyenne Mountain Joshua


  1. Professor Falken looked like that guy who had a bowl cut..

  2. The computer just wanted to play a nice game of chess from the beginning, oh no who wanted to play thermonuclear?

  3. what a great movie . they don't make them like that no more

  4. Looking back at this movie….. I only Now realized that ONE GUY !!   While they're teaching the "WOPR" to play Tic-Tac-Toe, that one guy looks at the lights on the WOPR. !!??  I guess his thoughts were "YEP, all these lights that mean nothing are still blinking"!!  :))

  5. It's funny how only 2 people in the entire room are happily aware of what's going on, but everyone else is freaking out.😁

  6. WOPR: Strange game. The only winning move is not to play.

    SKYNET: hold my beer.

  7. One of the most prophetic films about a false nuclear showdown that I've ever seen. Just three months after "War-games" was released, Stanislav Petrov, a Soviet colonel of the Air Defense Forces, prevented what would have been the end of the world as we knew it. On September 26th, 1983, Stanislav received a signal that the United States launched five ICBM nuclear warheads directed to the Soviet Union (Russia). Despite the protest of his superiors, Petrov did not believe that the United States would be so brazen as to risk a nuclear retaliation from his own country. It turned out that the signal was a glitch of a thirty-nine cent bulb that was later replaced. Regardless of Petrov's keen intuition, his superiors stripped him of his command and in later years lived virtually unnoticed until a documentary, "The Man Who Saved The World" (2014) and numerous humanitarian awards including one from the United Nations. He died in 2017 in Moscow…

  8. What amazes me is in these movies where a computer is about to end everything, why doesn't anyone think to unplug the son of a bitch?! 5 numbers it's got half the code! *unplug* Oh, well….I guess that works too. If it isn't getting energy from the source it draws from , it can't continue to function. I don't care if you've got a super comp 9000 with best in the world everything, so don't reply with "but but there are some computers that".

  9. I know it’s fiction, but who decided to design the nuclear code input system in a way to tell the computer that the overall code is wrong, but individual characters are correct? 🤦‍♂️

  10. Sino nagpunta dito dahil SA pepito manaloto?👇

  11. god damn that's the best ending to a movie.

  12. I guess the misseles were never actually launched.

  13. The scene where it shows the first US strike scares me

  14. The end music is perfect, shame it was cut short by advertising

  15. Great editing, great lighning, great score, great acting, great film.

  16. Interesting tidbit. According to the current (at the time and even today) practice of silo based ICBMs once those engines are primed and engaged there exists no way to override them, not even manually on site… they are separate and self sufficient. The only thing that can be done from this fiction point of view is completely disable their satelite targeting arrays. In which it will not help since they were primitive at the time. They have base structures and coding preset inside them to tell them what to do. Those missiles WILL launch. They WILL separate. The WILL disperse in to MIRVs. The ARE ago… these are non nuetronic thermonuclear ICBMs. There is no such thing as a world thermonuclear war capable blast shelter. There is no such thing as a purely radiation proof air filtration system. There is no such thing as a survivable apocalyptic wasteland for survivors to emerge from in 100yrs. There are no trees. There are not plants. There are no mega irradiated fauna. There are no fish. There is nothing besides archaebacteria at the bottom of sea vents that hopefully aren't disturbed and damaged by increasing radiation over the next 10,000 years. It. Doesnt. Exist. Your masks, your radiation suits, your concrete bunkers, your 10 year supply of canned food mean nothing. We have developed far outside of our natural slot of evolution. Thusly, so have our tools of creation and destruction. Oppenheimer's keys are truly the pinnacle of human extension to untold futures. SHALL WE PLAY A GAME?

  17. This is weirdly contemporary, this film. It touches on light themes of cybersecurity and machine learning even if it didn't realize it at the time, and also the importance of cybersecurity and being aware of artificial information.

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  19. I always liked that ominous music that played as the computer played itself in tic tac toe

  20. "The only winning move is not to play"

    Basically the state of the Madden series right now.

  21. As the cinema sins guy would say this movie is dick to people with epilepsy

  22. The score in this scene is spectacular.

  23. that time ferris bueller took a day off that almost ended humanity.

  24. The U.S. FIRST STRIKE was first but on the list it has the U.S.S.R FIRST STRIKE first, what gives?

  25. All determined by a simple game of tic tac toe a war. Matt face when everything exploded is oh shit did i just destroy norad and how much of a bill is this? To my parents??

  26. First time I watched this movie I was in A PITCH BLACK room and I was almost BLIND after this scene.

  27. Had to come watch this because of Please Don’t Touch Anything VR, not disappointed

  28. 4:59 when the general sits down, he looks like saying, "I can't take much more of this. Time to take an early retirement…"

  29. I just had a nightmare where nuclear war happened. I looked and headed straight for epicenter so that I could die instantly. Woke up the instant the missile hit. Needed to watch this to calm down.

  30. I absolutely remember the experience of seeing this in a theater with my best friend when I was 13 or 14. The story ripped my head off. Dad never let me get a modem, I wonder why? I am happy to report that I showed it to my 14 year old stepson a few years ago (himself a very kindred geek spirit) and he ate it up, absolutely loved the whole movie. I asked him, right after it was over, whether the dated technology in it (1980s dial up) was any kind of impediment to his enjoyment. He instantly protested, "NO! It's a classic!", then went back downstairs to his basement bedroom to listen to shortwave radio and figure out how to fuck with tech support scammers. A few weeks later he found an old hard copy of the Newsweek magazine that introduced the word "Hacker" as a synonym for computer criminal, also in 1983, and proudly showed it to me. I wanted to hug him. That technically brilliant and moral young man is turning 18 this year, like me, influenced by Matthew Broderick's character in this film to use his tech savvy for good… and if he has to bend the rules a little bit, he knows what the moral implications of that are too.

  31. Daggonnit why didn't you record 2mins before that ? – 1 of the funniest scenes – Luv it when Barringer said "Got Dammed Id PISS on a sparkplug if i thought it'd do any good" ROTFLMAOff -FYInfo evolution iz nonsence – devil's big lie – life did NOT make itself -go to 57mins – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfgPHs9e3Cc – value your eternal existence + listen with an investigative mind – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvX8T1KjSVg – God Yahuah go with you forever – http://www.godisreal.today/proof-god-exists

  32. Strange game the only winning move is not to play

  33. Professor Falken doesn't seem too worried about it.

  34. But why would a computer short circuit and catch fire because it was given an impossible equation?

  35. The coolest ending ever in the history of cinema.

  36. We need a movie like this right now. Need to remind people there is no winners in nuclear war.

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