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WarGames — Falken’s Maze

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Falken’s Maze scene from WarGames, with music by Arthur B. Rubinstein.

“WarGames – Soundtrack (Limited Edition) – Full Album (1983 – 2008)”


  1. This is a nostalgia trip like no other…and I'm not just talking about the music. Though I give credit to The Beepers: the song playing here ("History Lesson") and "Video Fever" are always fun to listen to now and again.Anyway, I feel like I get a few more grey hairs when I watch scenes like this. WarGames came out 40 years ago. Holy hot damn!

  2. i want to goto the library with this playing

  3. When the music gets to the climactic dot-matrix printer part and the rhythmic BONG…! BONG…! BONG…! BONG…! BONG…! BONG!!! in time with the printhead going back and forth is my favorite part of the whole damn movie! I find myself slamming my fist on the desk in time with the rhythm also. This whole movie is really good! I wish I had this song as a ringtone, but then I see myself slamming the phone repeatedly when the printer part of the music comes on!!🤪

  4. Great scene from a great movie. I love the music too! 😊

  5. Doing a modern remake of Wargames would be tough. That research montage could be compressed to a 5 second Google search on a smartphone lol

  6. This movie actually made me who I am today…So trippy how that works.

  7. to think, today that whole research montage would have taken about 10 minutes on google….

  8. Journals in binders, microfilm, the card catalogue, asking the librarian for help … those were the days.

  9. This movie is so good. The soundtrack here is killer. Love the fake Atlantic article (that shook a few people up)!

  10. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)You're giving our best secrets away! You're talking about "Back Door" and that girl is standing right over there.

  11. goddamn….this music pulls,at this 80s girls heartstrings… must create a geeky figure skating routine to this . shall we okay a game on ice?

  12. Falkens-Maze teaching a machine to think, not such a crazy idea now a days because we have invented cars that can drive themselves

  13. Jennifer starts laughing thinking “dude, you’re never getting laid”

  14. This track still sends a shiver down the back of my neck. Adrenaline I think.

  15. Which for this scene you can tell kids now this was how you really had to get info before Internet, smartphones and Google and it took really sometime and it wasn't as fast but that was reality back then.

  16. Brings back sitting in the theater at age 14 seeing it for the first time. What a kick ass movie. It's aged really well. I showed it to a geeky 14 year old (son of my girlfriend) just a few years ago, and he ate it up.

  17. Has anyone noticed the inspiration for Sheldon here?

  18. Microfiche, card catalog, dot matrix printer……

  19. Wish this soundtrack was readily available. Helps me feel smarter when I’m studying.

  20. good'ol 80s music. the 80s was the best decade in history. screw every year before BC and after AD (except the 80s). roman emperors, asian monarchs, etc… they ain't got NOTHING on the 80s, the best decade in the history of existence!

  21. It’s a great movie memory. I was 10 when I saw it in 1983. I remember loving everything about it. All of the characters. The new computer technology. The humor. The music. The military story. It has great writing and directing. What a decade to grow up watching excellent movies in. I’m so thankful.

  22. Wow….this was even years before Mathew Broderick killed someone.

  23. suddenly feel old when you remember working with these kind of computers in my day

  24. You'd think the backdoor would disable itself after a trillion invalid logins.

  25. My favorite scene in the movie. Him guessing probably hundreds of passwords. Which we've all tried.

  26. It's amazing because at the time this movie came out, AI was coming out of a long-winter from the 1970s. The Japanese were spending a lot of money on proto-types to neural networks and the US didn't want to get left behind, so funding ramped back up.

  27. I have solved a few items on Falken's Maze.
    Top Gun, Mad Max, Lethal Weapon, Maverick (Blackjack) and Interstellar so far

  28. Oh man, 38 years later this music is still in my head every time I play any 80’s games Pac-Man, galaga, donkey Kong, never gets old! Even though I am!😁

  29. I found the original soundtrack to this movie on YouTube, and this song features a female vocal. Anyone know who the original artist and singer are?

  30. We need Melvin's genius ideas at this point in time😆

  31. A hacking movie where you actually look for a back door by looking into the guy that designed the system? Say it ain't so!

  32. Man! Look at the library! That just gave me a jolt of nostalgia

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