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WarGames Official Trailer #1 – Dabney Coleman Movie (1983) HD

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WarGames Trailer – Directed by John Badham and starring Matthew Broderick, Dabney Coleman, John Wood, Barry Corbin, Kent Williams. David is a high school student with a talent for computers and gaming. His harmless intentions of hacking into the computer system to play a new unreleased video game result in a threat of a real nuclear war, after he un-intentionally connnects to a military supercomputer. An American thriller about the fear of a nuclear war from the early 1980’s.

MGM – 1983


  1. I was there. Watched three (four?) times in theaters when it came out. Dozens of times more afterwards.

    I was a child of the Cold War and the Reagan years were terrifying. Everybody knew the war could start by accident.

    Broderick was brilliant and made everybody want to be a hacker. Ally was also great. So beautiful. All my friends and I had a crush on her.

    Reagan took the film very seriously and it ended up leading to security policies.

    A suggestion: If you want to watch a terrifying depiction of WW3, take a look at Threads, a BBC film from 1984.

  2. they did an 'Inside Story' documentry for Ferris Buellers Day Off……need one for Wargames now 😉

  3. He plays the tape on the recorder and it says something about marijuana and pcp

  4. Why did Mcittrick ask lightman who he was going to Paris with when it said her name on the airline reservation?

  5. I Would piss on a Spark Plug if it did any good what a great line by a Legendary actor love Barry Corbin he was great in Stir Crazy and Any Which Way You Can.

  6. 22 Typhoon class subs? Damn, Soviet Union must've been rolling in gold bars the CIA must've not seen.

  7. The Movie to make buy a Vic20 then Apple IIe

  8. I like to think of this as a prequel to the 1998 Godzilla movie.

  9. Shall we play a game?
    Global thermonuclear war.
    These are no longer war games.

  10. "is this real or a game?"
    What's the difference?

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