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WarGames Official Trailer #1 – Dabney Coleman Movie (1983) HD

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WarGames Trailer – Directed by John Badham and starring Matthew Broderick, Dabney Coleman, John Wood, Barry Corbin, Kent Williams. David is a high school student with a talent for computers and gaming. His harmless intentions of hacking into the computer system to play a new unreleased video game result in a threat of a real nuclear war, after he un-intentionally connnects to a military supercomputer. An American thriller about the fear of a nuclear war from the early 1980’s.

MGM – 1983


  1. Am i the only one here after reading Fundamentals of Game Design by Ernest Adams…

    Oh yeah i should finish up my thesis.

  2. What a strange game…
    The only way to win is not play

    Maybe a round of chess?

  3. His commands look like people coming in contact with a non-graphical computer interface for the first time.

  4. FUN FACT!
    This is a prequel to Ferris buellers day off

  5. Les acteurs et la mise en plan, sont d'une grande justesse. Le thème musical magnifique.
    Bref, une réussite, a voir et revoir. 😎

  6. Google Assistant brought me here. This was her favorite movie. That's what she said.

  7. there are loads of comments on ready player one and i just wanna say the book is so much better than the movie.

  8. Amazing. It was just a concept in the early 80s. 1983 to be exact.

  9. and those computers are still running the nuclear arsenal today!

  10. came here coz i asked google what is her fav movie

  11. Love this one. Must have seen it ten times!

  12. 'Ready player one brought me here'………… Have NONE of you millennials EVER heard of ANYTHING that existed before you were born, without social media pointing it out for you FIRST?!!

  13. who came here from 8 bit guy

  14. This movie is very ridiculous. Start as a game addict kid then he scared the generals.

  15. digimon adventure movie of origin by this movie. Diavolomon's message respect by part this movie scene, "shall we play?

  16. What a classic. Wish I was alive when it was released

  17. The dictaphone DTMF scene is the best, the phone wardialing scene also priceless. Basic movie for hackers 🙂

  18. Who watched this after The new Digimon Adventure? LoL

  19. I have as homework to watch this film and write a review xd

  20. Google said this was her favorite movie

  21. Look, Dabney Coleman was cool. A great actor. Perfect in every role. But to label this a Dabney Coleman movie…. is dopey. Clearly, this is an Unidentified Generic Home PC movie – WITH Dabney Coleman, Ally Sheedy and Ferris Bueller. And also, I didn't remember these VO's for trailers being so bad back then. Flipping holding our hands to help us understand? Oddly enough, I think Hollywood advertising was a bit behind the rest of the advertising world in those days. AND ONE MORE THING: Wargames was actually a good example of the kind of WW3, Russian/US nuclear annihilation paranoia, fear and anxiety that was prevalent in the early 80's. Reagan and the GOP fueled it. (As usual) The 80's weren't always Flock of Seagulls hair and Commodore 64's. Oh, and I was shocked by how terribly uncomfortable it was watching Ready Player One. It was like watching and listening to misinformed archaeologists commenting about some forgotten civilization. Spielberg should have picked up on that awkwardness. I mean, the guy practically invented 80's cinema.

  22. I'm totally in love with this movie.
    Please Hollywood, can I ask you to NOT remake this and ruin it?
    Thank you.

  23. back in 1999, I had the PS1 game of this movie. I learned that awesome game was based on a movie in 2018

  24. The fact that this is Google's favorite movie I love it😂😊

  25. breakfast club and ferris beullers day off into one

  26. Atomic weapons:*exists*

  27. The hack of Twitter yesterday brought me here!

  28. 60,70,80,90,20 best period time of flim Hollywood

  29. Man I was just a embryo when Wargames came out in 1983.

  30. "Confidence is high, confidence is high, this is not an exercise, I repeat, this is not an exercise"
    Scariest catchphrase of 1983.

  31. Google assistant brought me here.. that's weird

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