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WarGames – Soundtrack (Limited Edition) – Full Album (1983 – 2008)

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WarGames – Soundtrack by Arthur B. Rubinstein – Limited Edition of 2500 copies (1983 – 2008)
Track Listing:
01 – 0:00 – WarGames
02 – 03:41 – Video Fever
03 – 06:05 – Principal’s Office
04 – 07:57 – A New Grade
05 – 10:06 – The Game Begins
06 – 12:51 – History Lesson
07 – 14:37 – Home Movie
08 – 16:06 – A Game Of Chess?
09 – 19:11 – Nuclear Alert
10 – 22:11 – Walk Thru NORAD
11 – 24:30 – David Captured
12 – 28:25 – David Searches
13 – 30:01 – The Sneak
14 – 32:23 – NORAD
15 – 33:21 – It Could Be War
16 – 34:04 – Confidence Is High
17 – 35:15 – Off To See Faulken
18 – 36:25 – WOPR
19 – 38:40 – Maneuvers
20 – 40:19 – Faulken’s House
21 – 42:14 – Time’s Up
22 – 42:33 – ”I Can’t Swim”
23 – 44:05 – David’s Concern
24 – 46:29 – Helicopter Pursuit & Launch Detected
25 – 49:18 – Closing The Mountain
26 – 51:10 – Who’s First?
27 – 53:19 – Joshua!
28 – 55:58 – It Might Be Real
29 – 56:58 – Tic Tac Toe
30 – 58:33 – Winner None
31 – 01:00:20 – End Credits
32 – 01:03:44 – Edge Of The World (Choral Version)
33 – 01:05:52 – Winner None (Original Version)
34 – 01:07:40 – Edge Of The World *

* Vocal: Yvonne Elliman

Intrada Special Collection Volume 65
Release Date: 5 may 2008


  1. History lesson so takes me back to this movie!!

  2. Wanna find these but in singular tracks. Anyone help?

  3. Such an excellent soundtrack. The end theme is gorgeous

  4. Mi pelicula favorita!! hace 36 años la vi por primera vez en el cine, luego la vi como 1.000.000 de veces y jamas me canso de verla, desde el dia que la vi tengo computadoras, jaja.

  5. Now go listen to the fright night soundtrack

  6. This is the movie where I wanted to become a film composer… I ended up becoming a programmer instead.

  7. War game elections move I dated who
    Alexander Payne as well and you Snowden

  8. Edge Of The World reminds me of metal gear solid for some reason

  9. Here is some background info from Cynthia Morrow-Hattal I found somewhere..

    "I just thought I should correct a few things, maybe add a few things. Arthur B. Rubinstein, Anthony Marinelli, Brian Banks and I created the Beepers as we added Synclavier II and all sorts of sythesized sounds for Blue Thunder, creating them as we went along. I also played a lot of the keyboards for that movie.

    War Games was different. First I wrote the lyrics for about six or seven different songs to go in various scenes in the film. Then Arthur B. set them to music and expanded on them for his score. I sang Video Fever through the Synclavier II, never having heard, or heard of Dale Bozio (still haven’t), with Brian and Anthony, two very talented and creative guys. I loved working with them. We got Yvonne Elliman to sing “Edge of the World”, which I always thought was beautiful and the closest Arthur and I ever got to writing a song for a film which might have been nominated for something, but the producer Frank Yablans had a daughter who was miffed that Arthur didn’t use her as his orchestrator (she’d been studying orchestration for 3 months) and talked her father out of using the song in the film. We wound up with a harmonica. Lovely, but not Academy nomination material. And so it went. I was first viola, not violin, on all the recording sessions.

    I was surprised and a bit shocked to read Arthur B.’s liner notes on the re-release. What can I expect? I broke our engagement. Twice. Still, It was a memorable if disappointing project, and I will always be glad at having worked with John Badham, a great guy and such an excellent director."

  10. There is something special about this and the soundtrack from Blue Thunder for me.

  11. Well, high school students. You're trespassing and I did not invite you.

  12. Please release this on CD…. or even digital.
    But include the original Air Force launch test intro with the “turn your key Sir”

  13. I seen this movie in Salt Lake City. Great film.

  14. Merci sa fais lomgtemp que je cherchais certaine de ces musiques👍

  15. In 1984 I wanted to buy the vinyl but never did. The time slipped away. I was about to plunk down close to $200 for this on CD from Amazon. Thanks for this. I've wanted this soundtrack for almost a lifetime.

  16. The music for the end credits is beyond gorgeous. It seems to encapsulate everything the human race must learn if we are to survive. Thank you so much for posting this.

  17. i love this soundtrack it really brings me back

  18. History Lesson, David walking thru the library aisles

  19. I first seen Wargames in Salt Lake City. Must have watched that movie a million times since then. Best ever.

  20. Im not that old so I think I saw this movie for the first time 5 years ago in school computer class, after that I must have seen it a million times. My mom and dad first met in 1983 and they told me about when they saw this in the cinema. I have to make a tape or several ones, so that I can listen to this amazing soundtrack in my Yellow Sports Walkman

  21. Wow…somebody actually uploaded Rubinstein's score for this film? Amazing!

    "A strange game. The only winning move is not to play…

    …how about a nice game of chess?"

  22. Anyone know if its possible to pull a clip off of this onto a playlist. I want to add closing the mountain to my playlist.

  23. Just lay back close your eyes and for a few seconds i was back 1984

  24. The edge of the world tune has words?? its only taken me 40 years to find that out!

  25. "God dammit, I'd piss on a spark plug if I thought'd do any good!"

  26. "Tic Tac Toe" made my 10-year-old self shit my pants, in absolute terror. Still does.

  27. How can I find the instrumental version of “history lesson”?

  28. Dammit, I'd piss on a spark plug if I thought it'd do any good!

  29. I gave 50¢ for a vinyl copy of this at a New Jersey thrift store in 2005. I had no idea. And have you seen what original pressings sell for now???

  30. Missile Command Arcade Cabinet, 99 Luftballons by Nena, this movie, The Day After, Two Tribes by Frankie Goes to Hollywood…

  31. I never realized that "Video Fever" and "The principal's office" really mirror each other! Or that the main theme is pretty much Video Fever.

  32. "A millisecond of brilliant light and your vaporized. Much more fortunate than those that will wonder around aimlessly. You will be spared the horror of survival. "

  33. Una de las mejores películas jamás hecha, la segunda parte no es tan buena.
    Me encanta todo en ella, personajes, música, guión, escenografía, BSO etc.
    Hasta el videojuego de Play station 1 es buenísimo.

  34. Thank you very much for this – it's one of the most underrated soundtracks – – so many moments are so memorable, even iconic. The music – was so perfectly choreographed. And the real fans – even the sound effects were so distinctive – be it Galaga at the arcade. The entry code for David's holding room at the military base….the opening credits. The end credits. The dial tones from the modem. So many more.

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