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WarGames | The Greatest Movie of All Time [J. Matthew Movies, Ep. 13]

J. Matthew Turner
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#WarGames (1983) is not just the greatest #hacker movie of all time, it’s the greatest #movie of all time. Prove me wrong. Prove. Me. Wrong.


  1. you forgot Password:Swordfish. But you remembered Sneakers, which was a favorite of mine, so we're good. Oh, the good old days when hacking was represented by a graphic fractual screensaver playing on a loop to let the audience know that something "cool" happened. see Hackers, Jumping Jack Flash, pretty much any 80s or 90s movie with a computer. (revenge of the nerds, I believe, and weird science, and real genius)

  2. Hey Matthew, do a "Point Break (1991) and Fast and Furious are the same movie" video!

  3. WarGames starts out great but turns into garbage as it hits the middle and gets to the end; it’s way too preachy and ridiculous at this point, and all wittiness flies out the window.

  4. The fact that this has 7k views and Karate Kid has 11m should tell you that society is doomed.

  5. I don't think Stephen Hawking got his speech synthesizer until after War Games came out. I think it is just coincidence.

  6. Excellent video and I love all the background dirt on the film's production

  7. but you said fight club was the best movie of all time lol

  8. I say differently. Not the greatest movie…. IN MY OPINION. Yeah, chill out guys, it’s my opinion. If you don’t like it, then I mean whatever I guess.

  9. No mention of Ferris Bueller where he also changed a grade using a computer

  10. All the work you put into this video was worth it

  11. Why do I see no comments about the fact that he hasn’t uploaded in almost a year

  12. This is great stuff 🙂 Gonna have to work my way through the rest of your vids. Thanks for the recommendation.

  13. I watch this movie at least 2 times a year. I also watch the 2nd one as well. This movie never gets old.

  14. easy this would simply would not exists without star wars it gave new life to cinema watch empire of dreams says it all after star wars u see a ton more high budget moves like these star wars effected the very culture of the world in many ways beyond the hopes of this move id have to say the greatest movie stands star wars and while i know u tie it into a movie be for star wars but those movies did not have the impact on our culture made movie going fun again at the time again watch empire of dreams star was doc honestly star wars was piratically world changing war games has no such claim great movie agreed but greatest sorry but i have to say star wars has the bar im willing to bet without it war games might have been made but it would not have been the same movie budget wise be for star wars movies like that tend not to get so much backing after start wars well we all have seen what movies looked like after star wars after that u got fantasy world movies syfi and the like getting much bigger budgets and alot of scripts that would have been tossed in the trash pile befor star wars now have huge backing types of movies most big studios would not touch became sought after causing the 80s syfi fantasy boom in the end good movie but compared to star wars its a candle overshadowed but a huge volcano just has no chance of topping the mountain that is star wars every after all the recent backlash from the movies the mandalorian comes in a shows us all if u show us real star wars it can still very much rule the roost star wars in a part of our culture now so is war games but it just does not match star wars and the major impact its had on pretty much all of us combine that with arcades coming along witch is future looking syfi stuff arcades got a huge boom after star wars and lets not forget u can pretty much go to any store usa or im sure many other places around the world and find star wars something left and right u dont see shelves of war games all over the world now do ya

  15. Great video. It is a great movie (maybe not the greatest ever but still great). I saw it for the first time at the drive in. It was the first movie in a double feature with Krull (man that was a fun night for a 11 year old kid. I didn't realize how good I had it).

    The thing that makes Wargames great is that it still feels relavant and is enjoyable to watch.

  16. I enjoyed Hackers for the pure camp. I also really liked Die Hard 4 for the technical aspects of it. I still think that's one of the most legitimately terrifying movies of the last 20 years — It really is the Red Dawn of our time.

  17. bet you and the maker of that shirt both wish you had cpe1704tks as your gmail address.

  18. mr robot IS THE GREATEST CYBER PUNK HACKER FEATURE AND TERMINATOR2 bot featuring hackers saving humanity. Same with the matrix but its not as original as those two, but still just as iconic. I respect war games for its influence on pop culture. and I love 80s films, and dont expect wargames to be modern day action fair, or anything like tat. saying that, I fall asleep during the third act every time I watch it after a full watch throug of mr robot. sorry, its just not that great.

    Again I respect it, but theres much better films.

    terminator 2 and blade runner ARE the greatest films EVER made. with back to the future and the SW trilogy second.

    Also fuck feminism, thats why I dont subscribe here.

  19. WarGames changed my life. I fell in love with computers, tried hacking, programming, became obsessed with video games, owned consoles from atari 2600 to current gen PlayStations etc and have owned tons of computers since the 80s. I am now loving the new computer era and am obsessed with Virtual Reality 🤷🏻‍♂️ Loved this video thanks for creating it lots of interesting facts!!

  20. This movie is the whole reason I chose the US Air Force and Command & Control Air Battle Management as a career field. In fact, I spent 3 years at NORAD. All of us Gen-Xer Airman used to joke how much we wished our command center looked like the set of WarGames. Talk about a disappointment when I found out I wasn’t going to be assigned to the mountain. I still absolutely loved it. Side-note, to this day I still think General Beringer was badass.

  21. I think that you are overlooking the 1957 film “The Invisible Boy.” A giant artificial intelligence mainframe computer takes over the U.S. nuclear weapons Arsenal and then threatens to destroy the world. A young boy with skills in building robots comes to the rescue.

  22. Really enjoyed this upload. Since you love the movie u may know this but that asa very young Micheal Madsen. His voice was even different than the raspy one in reservoir dogs & beyond. I wonder if terminator got a little inspiration from this bc it gas the same concept of a machine doing what ir was trained to do & nobody able to stop it & it wants to launch nukes. Terminator 1 & 2 explain how skynet became self aware which results in the future of a post apocalyptic war.

  23. Wait… Eric Stoltz was fired from Wargames too?

  24. I saw War Games when it came to cinema and I was about 15 years old. A friend had a Commodore64 and his bedroom almost looked like the one in the movie. The whole story was incredibly realistic for us. Thank you for putting your video together and for teaching me some details, I didn't know.
    Was it the greatest movie of all times? Well, I would say it has to share that place with Back to the Future. A different movie, cool for other reasons…

  25. What happened to using sarcasm and humor to tell a story?

  26. loved this movie way back in time.. I even had the ColecoVision Game

  27. The films biggest mistake is that every NORAD computer is linked to the same voice synthetesizor Lightman has, and that's plugged to war-room loudspeakers. We're expected to forget it's not Joshuas voice, but voice from Lightmans gear

  28. I can’t believe I’m just now finding this video. Awesome job.

    And nice choice using the outro to The Humpty Dance as background music 16:55. Digital Underground… genius.

  29. I loved 🥰 war games in the 1980’s

    And I subscribed because of this video 🤖👍

  30. Love the shoutouts to Desk Set and Colossus, two of my favorite movies. I have a friend a little older than me, and we play Spencer and Katherine from the movie all the time with each other.

  31. I never knew that the name "Tab" was picked by computer, but it explains Stan Freberg's funny TV commercial to announce the debut of Zagnut bars: an executive is informed that the computer picked the name, and is all ready to veto it until he realizes that they've already gone into production. "Zagnut… a candy bar by any other name….probably would be a good thing."

  32. I want that shirt!! Great video!! Lol.
    Love this movie.
    It’s free on YouTube right meow!!

  33. I believe that more movies should be made like it. War Games is not about war or fighting at all.

  34. Great video man! Wargames is a great movie. I was ten years old in 1983 when it was released and loved the movie immediately. It’s solid from the writing, to directing, to the performances, as well as the music score.

  35. THANK YOU for giving this movie the credit it deserves.

  36. Your videos are so well made they make me want to learn to create videos too.

  37. Great video. Thanks for making it. I love this movie 👍

  38. 1983 best year in all cinema history… Wargames and Scarface

  39. Three years to make. From the quallity it was time well spent. 5 out of 5 stars.

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