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We RAIDED every Roblox Military Roleplay server with OVER 100 PLAYERS!

Plastic Scot
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I this the BIGGEST RAID of All Time?? 130 players in a single raid…
This Roblox Army is about to ignite a giant Roblox War!

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Today we’re going to be exploring the roblox roleplay experience with the scots army.. well more specifically the roblox military roleplay experience. And by roblox experience i mean raid. Yes this is a roblox raid. Me and the scots army are going to join ever roblox border game we can find and try to get to the other side. From roblox roman game to roblox war games, nowhere is off limit for the scots army. To join my roblox videos and become a roblox meme, join the scots army.. then you two can do giant roblox raids along side an army of roblox players.

Now last time we arrived at the roblox border crossing checkpoints.. we may have not followed the rules of roleplay. Well I guess you could say we did a roblox roleplay of raiding a roblox roleplay games? Either way these military roblox games were just waiting for a roblox army to turn up and start a new roblox war. Although maybe the roblox police simulator guys weren’t. I’m not sure roblox police roleplay was equipped to deal with the scots army charging them down. Also later in this roleplay roblox gameplay we heard that tank fish and his chaos legion were raiding another roblox game, so we decided to raid a raid and piled in on the roblox chaos legion as a show of force.

Roblox Military Roleplay games in this video:
1. Roblox Police Simulator! –
2. Roblox Alpine Castle –
3. Roblox Fort Brag, 1943 –
4. Roblox Old Stone Fort –

Title 1: Biggest Ever RAID on ROBLOX Police Simulator
Title 2: We Did The BIGGEST EVER RAID on Roblox Police Simulator
Title 3: Biggest Ever RAID on Roblox Border Roleplay Games
Title 4: I Command a GIANT RAID on ALL Roblox Border Roleplay Games

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  1. Can you raid military role play CUSA that one is the one

  2. Why can’t USM 1940s, Sworn Enemy of Teutonia, can’t be as organized as Plastic Scot

  3. The chaos legion will strike back,mark my word scot.

  4. Hi guys see ya there im gonna be in the event

  5. the best showdown known to man, Scot's Army v Chaos Legion

  6. "The BIGGEST ever raid on roblox"

    the flamingo raid/the junkbot raid: Allow us to introduce ourselves

  7. Tank fish ain't gonna let that slide. And you should see his chaos legion trailer he will get his revenge. I'm ready for a huge battle.

  8. You lead the Scottish highlander while I lead the swedish elite infantry

  9. I love how his accents gets stronger when he starts getting angry

  10. This raid got nothing on the flamingo junkbot raid

  11. When George the 3rd wake up 😂❤❤ …… America 😅 oh um I’m in danger

  12. Bro the chaos Lol i am surprise to hear that

  13. Tank Fish's Canadian-American Army VS Scott's Scottish-British Military. Its the English speaking war bois

  14. Nahh the greatest war of roblox is about to start after scot messed with the CL

  15. Nah CL is better.

    -asdfadsfgasfd, Ehrenwache

  16. Yo, raiding the Chaos Legion was a mistake, Field marshall Panzerfish will take revenge…

  17. Oh so it's in a video in another video in another video in another universe dang that's crazy

  18. Yo I was once playing grg on roblox on the chaos Legion raided the game on the barbarian the same team I was on

  19. Hey Scot try raid a game called City17 its a roleplay game police state

  20. tank fish is madddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  21. i wanna see tankfishes reaction did he make the video when scot raiding the chaos legion?

  22. Tankfish after being raided while raiding👁👄👁

  23. Hope you had fun raiding Alpine Castle!

    -Senior Group Leader of the Rulerguard and Realmslabourer Powerdude1000.


  25. No one raids of the chaos Legion, without millions of death

  26. The first game is the game I spent 6 months on, before getting discharged from my Division from a small mistake… I'm happy to see you broke the game lol.

  27. "YOU DELINQUINS" Got me cracking lol. 🤣🤣

  28. Notice how went everything the raid with or on tank fish he never makes a video on it?

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