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We RAIDED every Roblox Military Roleplay server with OVER 80 PLAYERS!

Plastic Scot
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Today we’re going to be exploring the roblox roleplay experience with the scots army.. well more specifically the roblox military roleplay experience. And by roblox experience i mean raid. Yes this is a roblox raid. Me and the scots army are going to join ever roblox border game we can find and try to get to the other side. From roblox roman game to roblox war games, nowhere is off limit for the scots army. To join my roblox videos and become a roblox meme, join the scots army.. then you two can do giant roblox raids along side an army of roblox players.

Roblox Military Roleplay games in this video
1. Roblox Sandhurst Military Academy –
2. Roblox Roman Empire Roleplay –
3. Roblox Military Academy –
4. Roblox United States Military Academy –
5. Roblox STAR WARS Coruscant RP –

Title 1: We did the BIGGEST Roblox Military Roleplay RAID of all time…
Title 2: HILARIOUS Roblox Military Roleplay RAID with OVER 80 PEOPLE!
Title 3: We RAIDED every Roblox Military Roleplay server with OVER 80 PLAYERS!

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  2. I’m a recruit at Sandhurt military and I honestly wish I could’ve been there😭

  3. Damm seeing GAR before the update made me feel old

  4. Bros i legit tankfish but family freindly i luv ur vids

  5. Pov: u remember when flamingo crashed roblox bc of the bots spam

  6. Remind me about what happened when everybody was riding White House and everyone was trying 7:17 to get to one person If you do not know who that is then you have to go back and look at it

  7. I just love that video maybe next time raid brookhaven,meepcity or maybe cafe roleplay experiences (or maybe you already did that)

  8. Roblox was having a normal time until the scot army came

  9. will you make a vid like this but with military roleplay fort tedder

  10. I ones glitched my self in one of theese bases to see what whas so important to hide behind invisible walls and there was absolutelly nothing like what is the point of theese games

  11. Do it in "the grand crossing" but get ready for some lasers to come to you due to its futuristic theme

  12. Used to play CORUSCANT the last game for over two years, it used to have a cool system with trainings officers, Divisions etc. Not just a boring border game but ye

  13. You forgot about the combine games…like city 17 by UU…

  14. 80 players?! Those are rookie numbers!! Gotta pump those numbers up!!

  15. W scot for raiding these pay 2 win games

  16. Brother, there is a road leading straight into the academy in the first clip at British Army… why y'all trying to get through on the right side???

  17. I bet it wont be easy for you to raid the soviet border

  18. i laughed so hard bc when he said kill them and breach the gate ahahhahahah😂😂

  19. Why daley tactics lol also didn’t even know he played Roblox

  20. What thry get for unrealistically shooting ppl who ignore the instead of arresting or discharging them, also for them taking ranks PAID FOR

  21. Back in 2010-1012. Raids were a lot bigger and more coordinated. In addition to many clans that were developed and rivalries. Was fun

  22. Suggestion: Do BRM5 But like have everyone in hellis and go to one specific locattion like fort ronograd and just kill everyone with m16s

  23. In the first game which was a British army you had to go on the bridge to the left/ just go to the left as the main base is there, the right is the basic training building or some thing-

  24. This is the definition of Quantity over Quality

  25. is it just me or he looks like dan tdm

  26. In sandhurst military academy you went to the wrong place, that invisble barrier is for the Border guard HQ if you continued straight from the border you wouldve gone to the main pads

  27. plastic scot im a kid can i join free and be officer im always recruit

  28. Next raid innsbruck border simulator they deserve it

  29. You shouldve joined the navy simulator cause ill be waiting

  30. Thank God the first one managed to get away from your wrath, i actually tried to join once but it involved some complicated discord stuff, so i was too lazy (Edit- the game not the raid)

  31. Scot you should raid a game called Clone Wars Enrage, it you can customize your armor to make a Scots Army Uniform, maybe if you can even contact the owner you can set up a proper raid battle, it would be epic

  32. What did the players when scot armies arrived

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