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We really need more games like this..

Modest Pelican
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  1. Wait… did our man START with the last game?

  2. I like the story telling stuff about the ghost 😂😂definitely don't stop that

  3. When youre getting older and your reflexes are getting slower and you get annihilated in COD you start to appreciate theese cinematic games

  4. You know what is torture when you have to play on ps instead of Xbox

  5. Yes do a part 2. One my favourite video game car chases is in this game. Merci mon ami

  6. Definitely need part 2! One of my favorite games of all time

  7. Still waiting for Peli to release his first Christian music album 😔

  8. more like wetter that your mum…
    love the content peli keep up the hard work!

  9. Hey lads and lasses, modest pelican here with (game name). If you enjoy this video, please become president and pass a law naming every child Modest Pelican Gaming, as this really spreads the good word of my channel.

  10. Find some kid at the beach and then tie a rope around their feet, then dangle them into an active volcano until their parents subscribe to modest pelican

  11. Part 2 Peli or you’re straight and don’t love the boys

  12. When the Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora game comes out you should do a video on that

  13. you have the worst ad transitions, and from you you should be have some of the best one out there. you need to improve on them for next tiem but the rest of the content is great so keep it up

  14. Ha ha, one of the best narrations I’ve heard in ages 👏 makes me proud to be an Aussie 🇦🇺

  15. 3:10
    i mean….. Elena already stick with him through the uncharted 1 until they had kid, so it is really true XD

  16. Play war thunder I sure as s’’’ wount as it’s trash but I get paid loads to tell my subscribers that it’s amazing and I value shoddy advertisers over my own subscribers….sellout turd

  17. Why do you start a playtrought mid game And never finish it

  18. Wouldn't the guards say yeah nah yeah nah yeah nah yeah and by then the tanned guys would get you by then (actually during yeah nah) you droped the soap and were surrounded by the tanned guys with bubbubah type gays or as the island boys would call that type "wagwan man"

  19. pelican talking about good no racism:
    anyway warthuder

  20. not a huge fan. nice story tho, but you can watch books, cartoons, anime or even tvshows with a lot lower budget. But first and third person shooters is getting boring and they are just all the same. If you consider the amount of work it takes to make this compared to other ways to tell stories you should expect something original and something unique for videogames. I would not pay for a game like this, but rather watch someone play through it on youtube. I would sertanly not enjoy being part of the team creating the game because it would be mostly texturing and animation witch is not very interesting in the long run. I prefere rts games, multiplayer games etc for videogames.

  21. Wondering what to do when theres a gun man hahaha, even the playing field with your gun!

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